Hit and Run Accidents

Any car accident can be frustrating and stress-inducing to deal with, but hit and run accidents are some of the worst. The reason is that the driver who caused the hit and run is being reckless and irresponsible. In other car crashes, the person who caused it usually stays on the scene so you can exchange insurance information. That could help you get compensation if you were not at fault for the accident. But that isn’t possible in a hit and run because the driver fled the scene.

As aggravating as a hit and run can be, you can still get compensation, but you will need the help of Houston personal injury attorney Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC. He has over 20 years of experience that he will use to help you by attempting to track down the hit and run driver and bring them to justice. Hit and run cases are not easy, but Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC can help ease you through all the trials and tribulations such a case brings. So if you need help after you have been the victim of a hit and run in Houston, give Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC a call as soon as you can.

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Why Hit and Run Accidents Happen

These kinds of accidents can happen for many different reasons, though none of them justify the driver leaving the scene:

  • The Driver Is Already in Trouble – That trouble could be that there is a warrant out for their arrest, they are fleeing the scene of a crime, they owe child support payments, they are driving a stolen vehicle, or something else. The point is that the driver fears that if they stop after the accident, the police will learn about their other troubles and arrest them. So they don’t bother to stop because they don’t want to get into further trouble.
  • The Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance – If the driver knows that they are at fault, but they don’t have insurance, then they might flee the scene because they know they cannot make any payments. 
  • The Driver Doesn’t Have a License – This could be because the driver never had a license or their license was suspended. Either way, they should not be driving, which is why they don’t stick around and wait for the police to arrive.
  • The Driver was Drunk – Drunk drivers face steep penalties, especially if they cause an accident. That is why they might decide to hit and run instead of staying to face the consequences of their actions.

What To Do After a Hit and Run Accident

First of all, do not leave the scene and attempt to follow the hit-and-run driver. Leaving an accident scene is illegal, and you don’t want to end up in the same kind of trouble as the other driver. Instead, take note of as many details of their vehicle as possible, such as make, model, color, identifying characteristics, and especially license plate number. Those details can help the police track the vehicle down. 

Afterward, follow the usual procedures of a car accident, including calling the police, taking photos of the damage to your car, getting the contact information of any witnesses, getting medical attention, and calling a lawyer. Witnesses can be useful because they might have seen details about the vehicle and even the driver that you could not. A lawyer can help you because they will keep in contact with the police to learn if they found the suspect. An attorney can also help by getting any surveillance footage or bystander video, if any exists.

Ultimately, a hit-and-run accident requires patience because you never know how long it might take the police to find the guilty party. You should also be prepared for the possibility that they might never find the perpetrator since they could have left the state or even the country. In those cases, your insurance company will have to take care of the expenses caused by the accident, but even in those cases, an attorney can be helpful.

Contact Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC If You Were The Victim of a Houston Hit and Run

A hit-and-run accident is illegal, so the driver will face criminal charges and a personal injury claim. Of course, that might not offer any satisfaction if you were the victim in such an incident. That is why you need the help of Houston personal injury lawyer Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC. Once the police track down the hit-and-run driver, he can help you get the compensation you need, whether it is from a personal injury claim or a lawsuit. A hit and run can be a frustrating experience, but Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC can help you get through it, so contact him if you were in such an accident and need legal help.

Working With a Proven Attorney

Recovering from injuries can be tough enough. Filing a personal injury claim and/or lawsuit alone can make things even more difficult. The accident attorneys at the offices of Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC are here to help you throughout the entire process. We help our clients to file court documents, attend appointments, negotiate with insurance companies, interview witnesses, etc. Give us a call to schedule your free initial consultation today.

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