Personal Injury Law Firm Covid-19 Protocols

Here at the personal injury law firm of Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC we care about our clients and to serve them better we have established new personal injury law firm Covid-19 protocols. The protocols were established to serve our clients better and to assist in fighting the global pandemic.

The protocols were modeled after the Centers for Disease control Covid-19 Guidance for Business and Employers Responding to Coronavirus Disease 2019. We understand personal injury law firms have to keep operating to protect the rights of accident victims and our daily policy includes the following:

  • If personal injury team members are experiencing any symptoms they are required to stay home.
  • Every personal injury team member must enter through the back door with a mask.
  • After entering through the back door every personal injury team member must wash their hands with antiseptic soap.
  • Team members must social distance themselves through the day and sanitize their hands throughout the day.
  • Team members must report any symptoms or potential exposure to the personal injury attorney immediately.
  • Team members must self-quarantine or isolate themselves if they are exposed.
  • Two negative tests are required to return to work.
  • Surfaces are sanitized repeatedly throughout the day.
  • An air ionizer is turned on in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • If any potential exposure has occurred at the law office it will be closed immediately, sanitized, and ionized before it reopens.

Protocols for clients and new clients.

  • The Harris County mask mandate is enforced and all clients who enter the law office must wear a face covering and sanitize hands.
  • All clients must adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • When possible all meetings are made via zoom or facetime and documents are signed electronically.
  • For those who wish to meet in person, we have set up an outside meeting area.
  • For those who wish to meet in the law office, we can meet in the conference room and all clients must sanitize hands.

As more and more people are vaccinated and as the threat of Covid variants change the landscape of recovering from the pandemic we continuously monitor the Harris County Covid-19 threat level.

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Jerome O Fjeld
Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Jerome O Fjeld

Our personal injury law firm is here to help in your time of need and during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and we also want to make sure that our clients stay healthy and safe while we fight to get them top compensation for their personal injury claim. Our personal injury law firm will do everything we can so you stay safe and healthy until life gets back to normal so contact us today!

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