Pothole Accidents

Potholes are as common in the streets of Houston as are the accidents caused by them. Many car and bike drivers have sustained severe injuries after failing to notice such potholes, especially at night, when the visibility of the road ahead is low. The potholes can occur if the government agencies and the concerned authority fails to maintain the expected road conditions, which is why, if you suffer from severe injuries due to potholes, you can demand compensation from the government agency under the Federal Tort Claims Act and similar state Tort Act, in case of Texas, the Texas Tort Claims Act

However, suing the government isn’t as easy as suing another private citizen or organization. If you want to recover compensation for your injury from the authorities, you need to hire strong legal representation to fight the government agency. Contact Jerome O. Fjeld today for a free case review.


What are potholes, and how are they dangerous?

Potholes are a string of depressions on the surface of the road, often caused due to wear and tear. If the potholes are not timely fixed, the moving traffic and weather elements, such as wind and water, could worsen and deepen the depression, making the road highly dangerous for people driving over it. High-speed drivers who fail to see the pothole on time could lose balance over the vehicle and collide with another car or someone’s property. 

Pothole accidents are extremely common, and victims of such accidents have sustained serious injuries. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists are especially vulnerable to the dangers posed by potholes, not to mention private properties, as various drivers have been known to crash into properties after losing balance over their vehicles. It is the responsibility of the government institutions to ensure that the conditions of public infrastructure remain safe and sound.

If there are too many potholes on the road, it becomes evident that the government failed to discharge its duties properly, and thus, needs to face the music. If you, or anyone close to you, have suffered injuries following a pothole accident, you can sue the government under certain acts. If you want to know about your legal options to get compensation for personal damages, contact Jerome O. Fjeld. We are a 2-decade old law firm in Houston that has helped several personal injury victims get justice. From fighting private firms and individuals to taking cases against the government, we employ all our resources in ensuring that our clients get a fair chance of getting compensation. 

How to Prove A Pothole Injury

Proving a pothole injury requires you to collect evidence that proves that you got injured due to the government’s negligence. You would be required to collect the following scraps of evidence;

  • Photos and Videos of the potholes 
  • Pictures of your pothole injury
  • Your medical record and bills 
  • Statements of the witnesses of the accident, if there were any
  • Statements of people who were also present inside the vehicle during the accident 
  • Statements of your doctor or physician
  • Testimony of a third party confirming the occurrence and the cause of the accident

Collecting evidence is difficult, especially if you’re too injured or weak to compile it yourself. There is also the matter of organizing the evidence you collect to present in court and using the proof to convince the judge and jury of the government’s negligence. 

For this, you’d need the assistance of someone who has years of practical knowledge in law and is familiar with the modus operandi of the courts when it comes to such accidents. Jerome O. Fjeld can help you collect evidence and its organization and presentation to make an impact. 

Why You Should Choose Us

Jerome O. Fjeld has won numerous personal injury cases, including those caused due to potholes in Houston. As a top-rated motorcycle accident attorney, we hold those in charge of maintaining the safety standards of the road accountable for their negligence and carelessness, which leads to the injury of others. We understand that suing the government is a path of many challenges. Still, we consider all the risks worth it to help our clients recover the damages they incur due to the accident, be it physical, emotional, or material. 

If you hire us, we will help you get compensation for your medical bills, physical or mental therapy due to the accident, lost wages, or earnings. We would also calculate the expenses that you might incur in the future due to your injuries, such as potential future losses, and demand compensation for those as well. Jerome O. Fjeld provides customized care to each client based on various unique factors. Once you hire us, rest assured, we will help you get justice with all our might, even if it means presenting your case in a court of law. Contact us today and schedule a consultation. 

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