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If you need to make a claim with State Farm Auto Insurance or contact State Farm Auto Claims, read below for the claim number to file an auto claim and to find out more about State Farm.

State Farm Claims Number for Auto Claims in Texas

Have you been involved in an auto accident in Texas and the car accident is covered by State Farm? Call 800-732-5246 to file a claim today. Typically, the process involves four steps: 

  1. Informing the provider of what happened by calling the above claims number or through filing it online or through the app
  2. The company reviews the claim and communicates to you their findings and the next steps
  3. You will then get an estimate of your damages using a select service shop or their virtual estimator
  4. State Farm will then pay the shop or directly send you money to your bank or through a check

Alternatively, you can let our Houston Car Accident Lawyer file the claim for you at no out-of-pocket expenses. We understand filing an auto insurance claim can be a hassle and can consume your time.

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History of State Farm

State Farm is the largest auto insurance company in the United States and has been around for almost a century now. In 1922, George J. Mecherle, a retired farmer, founded this insurance company motivated by his philosophy of fairness and always doing right by the customer. The insurance company began as a mutual automobile company under the ownership of its policyholders. State Farm Insurance shouldn’t be confused with Farmer’s Insurance Company founded in California or Texas Farm Bureau Insurance as they are altogether different entities.

Services and Logo

Although it initially specialized in auto insurance for farmers, it has expanded over the years to offer other types of insurance. Life, fire, and homeowners insurance are the other insurance types that have become part of their services. The company also expanded into banking and financial services. 

In the 1940s, the logo of the State Farm was created and later updated in 1953. You probably already know its red tri-oval logo as it is quite popular. Although simplistic, the logo has managed to stand the test of time. 

The logo was transformed in 2011 to a contemporary logo that showcases auto, fire, and life insurance which are their core services. 

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Been in a car accident – Call our car accident attorney before you file a claim!


In terms of growth, State Farm remains among those companies that have had steady growth over the years. The insurance company has grown to have over 19,000 agents and more than 70,000 workers. 

As of now, the company prides itself on about 84 million policies and accounts serving clients throughout the US. 

The company’s Texas operations are run by the State Farm County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas, started in 1960. It offers automobile and fire insurance exclusively in Texas, with a longstanding history of excellent service provision within the state. 

State Farm Market Cap

Steady growth has been the hallmark of this insurance company. It is valued at $126 billion, which is a steady rise from $116 billion in 2019. This insurance provider is among the Fortune 500 companies and was ranked at position 39 in 2019. Currently, it is ranked at position 36 on the list. 

Its value is projected to keep rising, being the largest auto insurance company. As a policyholder, consistent growth means better services and better returns from an investment point of view. 


State Farm is one of the biggest companies in the United States.   Don’t be bullied contact our firm today for a free case evaluation and free consultation.  We have offices in Houston and if you are in Austin you can contact our office and our Austin Car Accident Lawyer.

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