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Looking for a Victoria Car Accident Lawyer? You know that being in The Crossroads area Victoria, Texas has grown over the years. That growth has filled the roads in Victoria and Victoria County over the years with traffic accidents due to the increased commercial traffic as well as everyday drivers. When you hear about vehicle accidents in the area, unfortunately, you hear a lot more about the traffic fatalities, death claims and serious injuries but even the everyday car accident can have a life-changing impact and bring about the need of hiring a lawyer.

As a motivated car accident attorney in Victoria, TX, my personal injury law firm has helped thousands of car accident victims, as well as their loved ones protect their rights and get the compensation they deserve. Call today, so our personal injury lawyers can provide a free consultation.

While it’s great for Victoria economically, there is also a downside to the situation for those sharing the roads with others. More truck accidents, more car accidents, and more of a need to keep an experienced personal injury attorney just a phone call away. You can never be too prepared!

Map of Victoria Texas
Victoria Texas is The Crossroads a hub between Houston and Corpus Christi

Why you will need a car accident attorney in Victoria, TX

During 2019, there were over 770 car accidents within Victoria. If you go to the Victoria Advocate news archives, you’ll find headlines of fatal car wrecks dominating coverage over other types of accidents. Maybe it’s because people in South Texas like to drive faster than other drivers in Texas and the rest of the United States? Or maybe it is something else entirely.

Whatever the case may be, this is still a number on the higher end of the scale in terms of how many accidents a town like Victoria has had. Especially being one of the smaller towns in Southern Texas. With this many wrecks, there’s always a stream of new car accident lawsuits being filed at the Victoria County court house from my experience as I near two decades as a car accident attorney in Victoria, TX.

This means that defense stays on their toes for insurance companies that have policyholders here due to the increased liability risk. When this happens, things get less than ideal and can expose personal injury accident victims to a whole other risk of being manipulated by the other parties for the sake of their gain.

A Victoria Car Accident Lawyer can help determine your compensation

To be eligible to file a car accident lawsuit for a Victoria, TX car accident you or someone close to you has been involved in a wreck, you have to be able to prove that the other party involved in the accident was at least halfway liable for the car accident.

You will also want to be prepared with your accident documents/photos, breakdown of damages and cost of repair, medical bills, proof of income before the accident as well as documentation of losing work because of it, records of treatment, and other relevant information that supports your case.

If you hire a car accident lawyer, they will need all of this to get to work on your car accident lawsuit. By the way, don’t forget to also have handy the contact info of the other party, their insurance information, and the contact information of any witnesses to the accident that took place.

broken arm from car wreck
closeup of personal injury client with broken arm with wrecked car

Common Types of Car Accidents in Victoria Texas

Being a regional trade center, Victoria, TX and with the traffic from Corpus Christi to Houston, there is a wide variety of car crashes on the highways and streets. Some of these include, but shall never be limited to:

Rearend CollisionsDistracted Driver AccidentsDriver Error
Drugged Driver AccidentsDrunk DrivingHighway Defects
Hit and Run AccidentsRear-End CollisionsReckless Driving
Roll Over AccidentsSpeeding AccidentsT-Bone Collisions

If you have been in an auto accident in Victoria, and it wasn’t listed above, reach out to us and we will do everything within our power to help bring a resolution to things. Call us about your case for a free consultation and a case evaluation where you will be in touch with a top car accident legal team who will let you know what’s next.

Wrongful Death Arising from a Fatal MVA in Victoria, TX

Anytime there is a loved one lost in a fatal auto accident, the children of the victim, parents, and surviving spouse can file for a wrongful death lawsuit. Keep in mind that the value of these types of cases requires you to enlist the help of a car accident lawyer to guide you on your death claim. Free consultations with a car accident lawyer can offer you legal advice and guidance to assist you in your time of need.

Victoria Texas Motor Vehicle Accident Roll Over
Victoria Texas Motor Vehicle Accident – Roll Over – Better call your personal injury attorney before the insurance company calls you

How to File a Car Accident Lawsuit in Victoria, Texas

The easiest way is to contact us, your car accident lawyer to schedule a free consultation with our law firm. You can pick up the phone and call today for your Victoria personal injury attorney (713) 572-6446 or submit the contact form here on the website. Our car accident lawyers will provide you a free consultation and customized service.

Hurt in a Victoria Car Accident
Hurt in a Victoria Car Accident… better call your Victoria Car Accident Lawyer

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Clients About Victoria Car Accident Attorneys

If you look close enough online, you can uncover the data that shows some of the same questions are asked the most when it comes to vehicle accidents and a victim’s options that may be available to them after they found themselves in a car wreck that was the fault of the other party.

This includes questions such as:

·         Can a victoria car accident attorney sue for emotional distress from a car accident?

Yes, filing a car accident lawsuit can be done on the grounds where you endured either emotional damages or physical injury, and it has also recently been seen that PTSD tends to occur among those in more serious types of car wrecks.

You will have to prove the existence of your emotional distress, possibly bring in a mental professional to illustrate the state of your emotional self, and prove its grounds initially as well as its overall value when the impact that it has on your future is taken into consideration.

·         How do Injury Victims get the most money from car accidents?

Hire a personal injury lawyer! Personal injury lawyers fight the insurance companies daily and will provide a free consultation for your Victoria car accident. You need a personal injury lawyer to provide you and your loved ones honest legal advice and a fair case evaluation and guide you through your auto accident claim. Trying to resolve your personal injury claim without an accident lawyer if you are seriously injured or have a death claim will likely cause you to leave substantial amounts of money on the table. An injury lawyer can assist you in checking all the boxes and maximizing your recovery.

·         How are pain and suffering calculated in car accidents?

If you do not hire a law firm for your auto accident, insurance companies may use arbitrary tactics and methods to determine how much to pay for your pain and suffering. It can be little to nothing if you don’t have a car accident lawyer on your side to fight for the compensation you deserve from your auto accident. Our Victoria car accident lawyers can provide you legal advice for your personal injury auto accident claim.

·         What does a car accident attorney do?

A car accident attorney is one that has a primary focus on maximizing your compensation if you have been injured in an auto accident. The practice areas are focused on personal injury and the attorney is more specifically a motor vehicle accidents lawyer. The law firm has a primary practice area that focuses on helping car accident victims with their auto accident claims. Once you have retained an accident lawyer an attorney-client or confidential relationship is formed. Once an attorney-client relationship exist, your motor vehicle accidents lawyer with a focus on helping those who suffered serious injuries can prepare your injury claim for maximum compensation by establishing all the elements necessary to negotiate with the insurance company.

·         When should you get a Personal Injury lawyer for An Auto accident?

Personal injury lawyers and law firms should offer a free consultation so it is no risk to you if you want an injury lawyer on your side. You will be able to obtain legal advice and a case evaluation for your auto accident with no risk. If you were in an auto accident and suffered a personal injury call us about your case. If you are seriously injured you need an accident and injury lawyer!

The reason for this is that most reputed law firms, such as the law firm of Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC, an award-winning personal injury attorney in Victoria, TX, will only charge when the case is won. This is something that you will discuss with your prospective car accident lawyer during the free initial consultation. Feel free to submit a contact form or call 713-572-6446 to set up an appointment at 5606 N. Navarro St., Victoria, TX 77904. Se habla espanol.

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