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If you suffered bicycle accident injuries contact our Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Houston, TX. There has been a renewed interest in biking in Texas and the United States during the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, it seems like more and more people are involved in bicycle crashes every day. Driving your car or riding your bike around town you can see the many ghost bikes painted white and chained to bring awareness to drivers of cars of the bike riders and cyclists killed on Houston streets. Contact our bicycle accident attorney in Houston, Texas today for a free case review on your accident claim.

Sure, the City of Houston has tried to become more proactive in ensuring drivers share the right of way that is compliant with Texas law by putting adding bike lanes and educating bike riders and drivers. However, have they become more proactive when it comes to other things? To be honest, only time will be able to tell and until that time it’s good to know a Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer.

real client in emergency room after being it by a car while riding a bike in Houston
real client in emergency room after suffering severe injuries while riding a bike in Houston

Many might not think the day that one runs out to buy a bicycle would be the day that would lead them on a search for the best Houston bike accident attorneys available. Of the number of Houston bike accidents, only a small fraction was pursued when it comes to compensating bicycle accident victims and that’s why it’s so important to contact one of the best bicycle accident lawyers.

The reason for this is quite simple, many people either undervalue or overlook what personal injury lawsuits can do for them in terms of making life easier during such a situation and making up for the entire event as a whole even if only via financial compensation for Houston bicycle accidents.

Today is the day that our Houston bicycle accident lawyer sheds some light on an all-too-often ignored topic, and hopefully, put a dent in the number of people that are overlooking this route of embracing justice via personal injury law. Not only for my clients; but for anybody who finds themselves facing damages or injuries from bike accidents and is searching for bicycle accident lawyers.

Cycling in Houston, TX: Is it any Safer?

Mainly due to irresponsible drivers on the roadways creating unnecessary risks, Houston does not have the best safety record for bicycle accidents. However, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had an official pay this metropolis a visit, things got real.

In fact, during the visit, the NHTSA expressed concerns about bicycle accidents. It had led the NHTSA to announce that Houston did have a public health crisis on its hands and that pedestrian and bicycle safety SHOULD NOT ever be forgotten. Which some are guilty of doing, even those in a government capacity, as just about every cyclist has to know that for a long time, Houstonians have been known to:

  • Almost hit cyclists with their car, both intentionally and unintentionally.
  • Cut off bicycles without warning or appropriately distancing themselves.
  • Honking erratically and unnecessarily, only creating a distraction for cyclists and other drivers.
  • Swerving into the other lane where the cyclist is trying to get safely down the road.
  • Throwing trash at cyclists (and even hitting them with it at times).

In terms of the federal government official that made a visit to Houston, plus being experienced with exposure to certain situations seen as more extreme than other types of cycling incidents here in Houston, it’s probably worthwhile to listen to his experience and knowledge.

Bike Accident Attorney in Houston, TX | Jerome Fjeld, PLLC
bike accident in Houston, TX

While it certainly could seem like it, this DOES NOT doom the future of bikes in Houston.

While there have been a lot of fatal bicycle accidents within the Houston metropolitan area especially, this DOES NOT mean that hope is lost. What it means is that you may end up having a valuable learning opportunity before you.

From ensuring that bicycle lanes get installed where they’re needed the most within one of America’s most sprawling cities to providing defensive driving courses for bicyclists hitting the roads (or even sidewalks), there is a lot that Texas can still do. When you take a step back and look at things for what they are, Houston is finally moving towards developing a more accessible community for all and it has the potential to set them apart from other major cities in the United States.

In 2020, there was a decrease in the number of bicycle-automobile accidents in Houston

What to Do if you have a Bicycle Accident Claim

Getting in a bike crash with a motor vehicle is not something that is planned, but the risk is there no matter how experienced you are as a cyclist. Aside from the damages and injuries, it could cause, most dread the stress and not knowing what to do. As the cyclist community grows steadily, so do the number of bicycle accidents and accident attorneys.

1.      Evaluate yourself, and ensure you get proper medical care if injured.

This is the top priority for anyone that has gotten in an accident while riding their bike especially if it was caused by a motor vehicle. If there is any pain, soreness, or other issues, seek immediate medical attention just to be on the safe side.

Also, take note of your clothes, any abrasions or broken bones that might have come to the surface after the wreck, as well as your bike to get a feel for the extent of the damages. This will be crucial, as it will provide a detailed log of the event that can be stored in a binder which covers the extent of the damages and injuries you were on the receiving end of.

2.      Make sure the accident gets documented

This means that you need to make sure that law enforcement has been contacted so that a police report can be filed on the accident itself (spurring the start of the investigation). You also want to be able to have all of this being covered and ensure repairs are carried out as needed.

On top of calling for the police, sheriff, or constable to come out to the traffic accident to file a report, you also need to do what you can to make it easier to build the strongest case possible. This includes sitting down with a pen (or pencil if you prefer) and create your reconstructive summary of the accident and any details that led up to it and paperwork you were provided after dealing with the accident itself. Make sure you gather names and contact info of all witnesses too.

Once you have done everything you needed to do to document the accident, gathered names of witnesses as well as their addresses/phone numbers, and got all of your medical bills/records together, it’s time to reach out to a bike accident attorney immediately to see what your options are when it comes to bicycle accidents and the approach that can be taken.

3.      Speak to the best Bicycle accident lawyer you can find or just give us a call!

Base your opinion on reviews that their clients provided online, what kind of results the law firm has produced over its life of existence, and the illustration of customer experience that is provided based on client experiences. When you embrace a step like this, the end result is one that will suit your specific situation the best.

If you prefer, give us a call at (713) 572-6446 and our bicycle accident attorney will get you in for a free consultation for your bicycle accident where we can start the case evaluation for your injury claim. For almost 20 years, our accident lawyers have been giving cyclists the legal representation they deserve and have the right to.

How much is a Bicycle accident settlement worth?

This depends upon the extent of the injuries, how bad the damage was, and whether you have a bicycle accident attorney to help you with the case or not. Also, it depends on who you must sue, but the ultimate idea is to hire a bicycle accident attorney who can handle all your legal needs under one roof.

For an accurate idea of what could be possible with your Houston bicycle accident case, consult with your chosen lawyer to answer any questions that you may have. By doing this, you are simply asking them how to embrace a custom approach to the lawsuit and the normal cost of suing for a bicycle accident. Only you and your Houston personal injury attorney have (or can come up with) enough data to provide a solid answer.

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For cyclists, information is key to ensuring that they are looking out for themselves in any way possible, as determined by state laws as well as local laws. It is also why I have taken my 18 years of experience representing clients in bicycle accident lawsuits and extracted the most common questions to answer.

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer
Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Jerome O. FJeld

The Top Frequently Asked Questions About Houston Bike Accidents

It’s quite common to have a curious mind if you have been in a bicycle accident. Here are a few of the most common bike wreck questions in case you needed to know a little bit more.

Am I limiting my options for seeking compensation if I failed to ride my bike properly?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis as there a lot of things that a personal injury lawyer takes into consideration when it comes to determining where the fault for the accident occurred. For the most part, this would not have prevented the accident from happening, in which case it wouldn’t eliminate the chance of winning.

However, if the negligence on the cyclist’s behalf caused the accident, they may be assigned a share of the liability. Meaning that the settlement or verdict will take that into account when calculation the payout for the bicycle accident. If the other party would not have been in the wreck if the negligence wasn’t present, there is also a slight chance it could cause the case to dismissed entirely.

How much is it going to cost to talk a lawyer about my bicycling accident case?

When we talk about personal injury cases such as bike wrecks or train accidents, the terms of payment can be separated into two types. The first type if where an attorney requires a retainer upfront before representing you and filing your case. When this happens, they will bill their hourly rate and take that away from the funds that you provided them with. This is most common with higher-risk cases.

The second option is the most popular when retaining a bicycle accident law firm. Basically, you pay only for results produced. When this approach is embraced, a pre-determined percentage of the lawsuit or settlement will go to your lawyer for the services that they provided. Court costs and other legal fees can also be accounted for upon payout as well. This is formally known as a contingency agreement.

What can I claim in the lawsuit for my bicycle accident? Who ultimately pays?

Start by answering a simple question that answers a lot, does the car you got in a bicycle accident with belong to a company or individual?

This is one of those things that makes one big difference not only now, but throughout the entire process of bicycle accident cases. Going after the right parties ensures that you are ultimately not at risk and you can receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Say that the vehicle that you got in the bicycle crash with is a company truck. In this case, you can see that instead of a personal vehicle, it is a commercial vehicle since it is owned and used by the company. What this means is that you will be filing a lawsuit against the company as well as other relevant parties. This also means that the insurance company sold a larger insurance policy which will help get you the compensation you deserve.

Now there are times where Houston bicycle accidents are caused by someone in their vehicle, in which case you will be headed in the direction of filing a suit against the driver as well as tying up any other loose ends to obtain compensation from other parties responsible for the bicycle accident. It’s important to keep in mind that when a driver (or company) has insurance for their vehicle, compensation is sought through the insurance company.

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