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You may know that Texas Farm Bureau Insurance offers some of the lowest rates when it comes to auto insurance and sometimes it shows in how they process claims. This medium-sized insurance company headquartered in Waco, Texas, is only available to the Lone Star State residents. Here is a brief look at everything you need to know about this insurance company, including its history, market cap, and claims number. 

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Claims Number

Have you been involved in an automobile accident or had your car stolen? If you are insured by Texas Farm Bureau Insurance, you can call 1-800-266-5458 to file your claim.  If you are in Victoria, TX or in surrounding counties or cities feel free to call our Victoria Car Accident Lawyer for a free consultation.

Although the process is ideally supposed to be straightforward, it may be challenging when you embark on it by yourself. That is because insurance companies know the tricks to use to ensure you settle for less. Our lawyer can file the claim for you and ensure you get compensated in full at a no-out-of-pocket expense.

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What is Texas Farm Bureau Insurance?

The Texas Farm Bureau Insurance is an auto and home insurance company. It is run by the Texas Farm Bureau, an independent non-governmental organization that focuses on protecting agricultural interests. You, therefore, have to be a member of the Texas Farm Bureau, which costs between $35 and $50 annually. And in case you were wondering, you don’t have to be a farmer. 

Insurance services offered by this company include auto, life, health, home, farm, and ranch insurance. Although their rates are low, you still get all the expected coverage and additional coverage options. 

Short History of Texas Farms Bureau             

One of this insurance provider’s strengths is their commitment to ethical practice and fairness over the years. It has been a culture the parent company, Texas Farm Bureau, has cultivated since its establishment in 1933 in Dallas, Texas. 

In 1934, during the great depression, the company was renamed Texas Agricultural Association. It continued to protect farmers’ interests and was controlled by its members until 1941 when the name was restored to Texas Farm Bureau. At this time, the company was headquartered in Waco, Texas, a move made in 1938. 

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance was launched in 1952. It initially offered fire and extended coverage. An ensuing period of rapid growth fueled by the rapidly growing membership of the Texas Farm Bureau made the insurance company competitive within the state. In 1958, the company was converted to Texas Farm Mutual Insurance Company.

Market Cap of texas farms bureau

Now that this medium insurance provider is not a publicly-traded company, it has no market cap. However, a look at the other metrics for financial strength shows that this insurer is quite strong. With 750 employees and 250 offices statewide, the company has been doing well and currently has an average of $17 in revenue. 

Perhaps the most objective look at its financial standing is its ‘A-’ rating from A.M. Best. This rating shows that it has an excellent financial capacity to pay back its customers. You can, therefore, rest assured that your claim will be paid out when you need it.


Low rates and stellar customer service entrenched in ethical practice and fairness are the hallmarks of Texas Farm Bureau Insurance – try to file a claim yourself and you will probably disagree. It has grown over the years to serve a lot of consumers in Texas. The excellent financial standing rating by A.M. Best means your claim, which you can file through 1-800-266-5458, should be paid out. Our Austin Car Accident Attorney can help increase the chances of it being paid out fully.

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