slip and fall accidents in Houston, TX

It is pretty common to encounter slip and fall accidents in Houston, TX. Although some people may think that this is a clumsy event to experience, it really happens in real life. Anyone can encounter a slip and fall accident, especially if the situation that surrounds one call for it to happen. When there are negligent home or business owners, there could be a huge chance that it is in these places that these accidents are most likely to happen.

What Is A Slip And Fall Accident? 

When you hear “slip and fall accident” the answer description is fairly simple. Someone had slipped and fallen, which probably caused them to endure injuries. If by any chance, you were injured in a slip and fall, then you could be covered under the premises liability claim. It is stated under the premises liability laws that any property owner, may it be residential or commercial structures, have their own duty to protect the people inside their building’s premises. This situation just fits as property owners have a lot to say when it comes to the construction of their buildings. The maintenance of everything inside their property will also be considered as their responsibility.

That just means that whenever someone incurred an accident at your play and would decide to sue you for it, you have to face the case since the safety of your infrastructure is under your liability. All homeowners, businesses, and public entities are covered by this liability law.

Slip and fall accidents in Houston, TX are not something unusual. In fact, there are a lot of these kinds of accidents happening each day. Some just don’t know that they could possibly hire a slip and fall, accident lawyer. It is also not common to everyone that you can use slipping and falling to build a case against the other party.

The Common Causes Of A Slip And Fall Accidents

When it comes to slip and fall accidents in Houston, TX, it is just like with any other potential risks you have elsewhere. Let us take a look at some of the common causes of these kinds of accidents.

There are problems with the structural integrity of the building

Buildings are just like the devices you constantly use at home. The more you use it, the more it is prone to breaking. That is also how it goes with buildings. Although these structures look durable and are made to withstand the test of time and weather conditions, they are prone to aging too. The worst part is that, as the building ages, the more prone it is to encounter such dangerous conditions. The situation is even worse when the buildings were poorly built in the first place. This means that the structure is more prone to uneven steps, cracked sidewalks, and lack of handrails. Such structural problems could be the cause of slip and fall accidents in your place. 

The presence of stairs in your home or building structure is also an important aspect of its safety. There will be higher risks when you do not have a handrail present or that people in your household are not used to using a handrail. Certain activities that could cause risk slip and fall accidents, like rushing up and down the stairs could also be a cause.

Since you are bound to reach higher surfaces in your home, there will be times wherein you will find the need to use a ladder. This could also be a problem caused by structural design, too. However, it could be prevented as long as you would know how to use the ladder properly. Failing to secure the base of the ladder or have someone hold it can lead to your injury. Aside from that, there are also some people who do not even use a ladder when reaching or going to higher surfaces. Instead, they opt to settle for chairs, tables, and any other elevated furniture to help them out. This could also be a potential risk as no one is certain of the security these bring.

There are several trip hazards

One of the most obvious reasons for possible slip and fall accidents in your area are the possible trip hazards that you might encounter. This could be seen or possibly experienced in loose electrical cords, damaged flooring, or inadequate lighting. If you want to prevent this from happening, you should ensure that all cables are hidden and are kept away out of the pathway.

Other sources of trip hazards are not limited to just the cords that are lying around your home. The following factors could also be a reason for possible slip and fall accidents in Houston, TX.

  • There are trash or debris on the floor
  • Open desks or cabinet drawers
  • Surface transitions such as from carpet to wood
  • Poor lighting
  • Bright lights reflecting on a shiny floor which could cause glare

There are possible weather hazards

Weather will also play an important role in slip and fall accidents. No one can control the weather, although it could affect the situation around and inside your area greatly. For this part, however, the risk of getting affected by weather conditions for slip and fall accidents is not just confined outdoors. It could also pose as a slip and fall risk when rain and slush make their way inside your home and could create slick floor surfaces.

There is something wrong with the conditions of the building surfaces

If you have gone to a restaurant that has experienced a water spillage on the floor, you could expect that there is a warning sign that the floor is slippery. However, in most residential and commercial areas, warning signs are not available. That alone could pose as a slip and fall accident hazard. Other surface conditions that could bring this problem would be the following:

  • Uneven surfaces with no warnings
  • Potholes in roads or parking lots
  • Splashed grease or oil that were not removed
  • Loose floorboards, rugs, or mats
  • Recently mopped or waxed floors

Do Not Risk It, Call A Lawyer For It!

The scope of slip and fall accidents in Houston, TX is extensive. One cannot easily quantify and enumerate how many cases an accident lawyer can do under this category. However, it is important to note that as long the accident had happened when there are structural and environmental factors along the way, there is a chance for suing the property owner responsible for the place.