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A car accident case in which the insurance company nominalized the impact as a “minor event not capable of causing injuries” and only a “slight impact” causing minor damage and cosmetic scrapes and dents. The client suffered a back injury and underwent surgery. Houston attorney, Jerome O. Fjeld, helped the client win an insurance settlement claim for $750,000.

Will You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Accident Claims?

One of the first things that you should always first consider when faced with an accident is hiring an injury lawyer. There are Houston car accident attorneys you can talk to help you solve your case. If you are still a bit doubtful on whether or not you will need a lawyer to file your settlement cases, here are what you should know:

You can file a motor vehicle accident report on your own

Anyone can file any roadside car or motor accidents. In fact, doing so is encouraged by the state so all parties concerned, including the state itself, would have a record of what had happened. One of the first things that you should do after encountering a motor vehicle accident, may it be a minor or a major one, would be to talk to the police so you can file a report. But the situation will go differently when you decide to file a case against the other party involved in the accident.

To file a personal injury case, call a lawyer

Since it has been established that filing an accident report could be done on your own, it is now important for you to know that if you want to go forward and file a case, you would have to talk to your lawyer about it. Everyone would want to get the best car accident lawyer as much as possible. It is understandable that people would want to get the best legal representation in all of Houston because of the damages and resources that are going to be spent on the process.

The first step that you could do is to look for Texas car accident lawyers in your area. Chances are, there will be a lot that would show up with high ratings. But you should go beyond what a law firm’s website said. Of course, it’s just logical that they would have only the best words in them. One tip in choosing which car accident lawyer would be fitting for you is to meet them personally. Even though you’re talking about a professional business here, the way how you can connect and easily communicate with your lawyer will affect your case greatly.

Hence, it’s best that you meet with your lawyer first. Usually, car accident lawyers offer a free consultation. This means that on the first time you seek for their legal advice regarding the situation you have at hand, you would absolutely pay nothing for their legal advice. The next step, however, would depend on you. Whether you would want to proceed with the lawyer that you are already dealing with or look for other options, the choice is for you to make.

What Will Your Personal Injury Lawyer Do for You

There are a lot of things that a personal injury lawyer would do for you in the process of your case. However, these are some of the less common stuff that’s probably not known by the general public.

They will help you collect evidence

Collecting evidence is not only the job of the police and investigators. It is also an essential part of your lawyer’s job, too. Obtaining and selecting which evidence would make your case stronger is crucial to building your case. Hence, your lawyer should be skilled in weeding out, which will be of use to you or would incriminate you further. Evidence could also be in the form of medical records from the hospital as reports of the injuries you have sustained from the damages.

They will deal with insurance companies

The thing about insurance companies is that they don’t usually give off the maximum amount you could get from the damages that you have sustained. To make a profit, they would content to give you the lowest compensation as much as possible. Of course, during these times, you would just want to maximize everything you can get as much as possible. Most especially if the accident has caused you to take a leave of absence for quite some time or worst, managed to take away your capacity to work, then you should really fight for the maximum insurance settlement as much as possible.

Since this isn’t always the ideal situation you are faced with, talking to your lawyer about the issues with insurance companies would be the best way to go. They will be the ones to negotiate with insurance companies and oversee what kind of investigations these companies are employing for your case.

They will be the ones to represent you legally

Dealing with a motor vehicle accident of some sort isn’t always an easy thing to do. There will be a lot of people you are going to interact with just to get the case going. There will be doctors, nurses, police, investigators, and lawyers wanting to know the situation to build a solid glimpse of what really had happened. It’s a real, chaotic thing that you wouldn’t want to deal with. That’s why having a personal injury lawyer would be the wisest move for you to do. At least, you will have legal representation in court and to other parties’ lawyers. That’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Always Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer First

After any kind of accident and before doing anything else, you should always consult with a personal injury lawyer first. This is, so you are well informed of what is going to happen as the effect of your actions. That is if you choose to go the route of just filing for an accident report or continue on with a full-fledged case. Your personal injury lawyer will be the one to guide you all throughout and suggest what the best steps you could take are.

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