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An accident can dramatically change your life in the blink of an eye. If you need a personal injury attorney in Sugarland, TX, you can rely on Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC. Our legal firm is based in Texas, but we serve clients throughout the region. Attorney Fjeld has more than 15 years of experience practicing personal injury law. He has negotiated lucrative settlements and won millions in compensation at trial for accident victims. If you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or wrong-doing, they may be liable for damages.

Personal Injury Law in Texas

Texas law allows accident victims to seek damages if their accident was caused by another’s negligence or wrong-doing. Injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents and bicycle accidents can be catastrophic and life-threatening. Some clients may never recover from their injuries and face the rest of their life needing medical care. Yet, even less sever injuries can require months of medical treatment involving surgeries and physical therapy. In both types of situations, accident victims will suffer the loss of income because they can’t attend work and will be forced to pay for medical treatments.

Clearly, Texas law understands the injustice of these situations. If accident victims are able to prove that their injuries were cause by the fault or negligence of another, they are entitled to compensation. We are passionate about fighting for our clients’ rights. Even though a large settlement can’t undo their suffering, it will alleviate much of their financial burden. We believe that the at-fault party owes them that.

How Is Fair Compensation Calculated?

When we examine a client’s claim, we know it’s important to have a good idea of what fair compensation should look like, so we do our best to calculate that sum. We’ll rely on this sum during the negotiation process. If an insurance provider offers an amount that’s far below our calculation, a client is apt to reject it, knowing they have a right to more. If the matter escalates to trial, the court will ultimately calculate that sum based on evidence as well as other factors relevant to the case. If our client shares part of the guilt—say, ten percent—the court will assign 90 percent of the damages to the other party.

In short, whoever is doing the calculating isn’t pulling a number out of a hat. Insurance companies may look at similar situations in the state when making a settlement offer. We may consult an expert who can advise us how to calculate future expenses like lost pensions and the like. In Texas, accident victims and claim economic and non-economic damages. The economic damages are associated with medical costs and lost work wages and benefits. Non-economic damages refer to the pain and suffering that accident victims endure.

How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated?

Unlike economic damages, pain and suffering is more difficult to define. First, we can say that pain and suffering involve both physical and mental anguish. If a person is attacked by a dog, they may suffer from muscle damage and fractures along with post-traumatic stress disorder. Some victims may develop a fear of the outdoors and refrain from activities they once enjoyed like walking or bicycling. The courts take both physical and psychological pain into account when making a determination about non-economic damages. We do the same when negotiating with insurers or the at-fault party’s attorneys.

When trying to arrive at a sum, a judge or jury will consider the amount of pain that a victim endured at the time the accident took place as well as the following:

  • Pain caused by medical interventions needed to treat the injuries
  • Long-term (or chronic) pain
  • Emotional trauma caused by the injuries
  • How the pain and trauma of the injuries affects the victim’s life
  • How pain impacts the clients’ daily life and if it prevents them performing activities
  • Fear or discomfort that a client feels as a result of the accident


The courts will frequently use a multiplier to assess pain and suffering. They may multiply the victim’s economic damages by three in order to arrive at what they believe is a ‘fair’ compensation award for pain and suffering.

Why Choose Our Firm to Represent You?

Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC, is a small legal firm that has a reputation for earning big results. We’ve won millions for clients who’ve been injured because of another’s negligence or wrong-doing. Aside from our firm’s proven track record for success, we provide each client with personalized attention. We don’t want any client to feel brushed off or ignored. We take every question seriously and always respond to clients’ calls as soon as possible.

When you hire our firm to represent you, you can count on us to provide the following services:

  • Evaluate your claim, helping you determine its merits and weaknesses
  • File court documents
  • Handle all case-related paperwork
  • Meet court deadlines and attend court or hearing sessions
  • Communicate with insurance companies and their attorneys
  • Communicate with the defendant’s attorneys
  • Investigate the case carefully
  • Visit the scene of the accident in pursuit of evidence (i.e. photos)
  • Seek testimony from medical experts
  • Track down witness accounts
  • Obtain the services of an accountant or actuary (to help calculate fair compensation)
  • Procure the services of an accident reconstructionist
  • Provide clients with updates about their case
  • Offer sound legal advice based on our training and experience
  • Aggressively litigate and negotiate on behalf of our clients


Our firm can customize each of our services to suit the particulars of your case. Our goal is to support your claim in any way we can.

Involved in an Accident? Get Medical Care Immediately

If you’re involved in an accident, get medical care right away. It’s important to take care of your health. Medical caregivers will evaluate your condition and offer you relevant treatments. Moreover, your medical record will constitute a vital form of evidence. If you wait to long to get evaluated by a medical professional, an insurance company’s lawyer is likely to point that out as a way to minimize the severity of your injuries.

Obtain an Accident or Incident Report

It’s also important to document an accident after it occurs. Police should be called to the scene of a traffic accident so they can produce a police report. If someone slips and falls in a retail store, the manager should complete an incident report. These documents are crucial for a personal injury case. They help establish the particulars of the incident. In the case of the traffic accident, police will note who they believe is at fault and whether or not they issued citations. They may add witness information to their reports. If you don’t have an accident report—that’s alright. There are still many other avenues to take to pursue justice.

Contact Your Sugarland, TX, Personal Injury Attorney

The sooner you contact our firm to explain what happened the better. We will immediately begin to gather evidence like photos, video footage, and witness statements in order to support your claim. We’ll also provide you with sound legal advice right from the start. Call us to schedule your free initial consultation. And remember, if you choose to let us represent you, we won’t charge you our fees until we win your case at court or achieve an agreeable settlement.

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