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In Texas, there are laws in place that protect victims of accidents that were caused by the another’s careless, negligent, or wrongful behaviors. People who have been injured in car accidents or slip and fall accidents have the right to seek compensation for their injuries if the other party is found to be at fault. These individuals can seek damages for their medical costs, lost work wages, and pain and suffering.

Personal injury cases can be complicated. That’s why it’s so important to engage the services of an experienced attorney. Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC, has more than fifteen years of experience practicing personal injury law in Houston, TX. Our firm features personalized care of our clients. As a small legal firm, we have been able to achieve big results. Attorney Fjeld has won major compensation awards and lucrative settlements for clients who’ve been injured by someone else. We work diligently to help our clients achieve their legal goals through our effective representation and sound legal counsel. If you’ve been injured in an accident you suspect was caused by another, contact Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your claim.

Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC: Fees

Victims of accidents have much to contend with. They are frequently in pain from the injuries they’ve sustained. The treatment and recovery process can take months or even years. Some individuals never truly recover. On top of the physical and mental anguish that victims suffer, they have to contend with escalating medical bills as well as their regular living expenses. All of these bills add up and with lost work wages, a financial fiasco may loom. Naturally, many victims wonder how in the world they can possibly contend with legal fees at a time like this. And yet, they have every right to seek fair compensation. That’s why we offer our services free of charge until we win you case. You won’t receive a bill unless we have achieved a settlement or won compensation at trial.

Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC, Can Represent Your Claim

Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC, offers legal representation to clients in Houston, TX. Attorney Fjeld has a proven track record of success in the courtroom and at the negotiation table. Attorney Fjeld has recovered millions of dollars in settlement and compensation awards. In fact, he has achieved million and multi-million-dollar settlements for several of his clients. He is an aggressive negotiator and litigator. You can rely on him to provide you with competent legal representation. Our firm has helped hundreds of clients achieve their legal goals.

Our Areas of Practice

Personal injury law is a broad area of the law that includes many types of cases that include car accidents, security negligence, premises liability, wrongful death, bicycle accidents, and more. Our firm handles a portion of personal injury cases:

During our tenure practicing personal injury law in Houston, we’ve built a reputation for caring service complemented by our intricate knowledge of the law. We have amassed many resources to help support our clients claims. Rely on us to fight for your right to fair compensation.

How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Take to Resolve?

Many clients are anxious to receive the compensation they deserve. We are too. Sometimes clear-cut personal injury cases can be resolved in just a few weeks. Complex case might take as long as two years. Most of the time, these cases are resolved after several months to a year, but much depends on the case’s particulars. Cases that head to court for litigation tend to take much longer than cases that are negotiated.

How Will Jerome O. Fjeld, PLLC, Represent Your Claim?

Attorney Jerome O. Fjeld is a highly skilled attorney who focuses on personal injury law. We offer our clients competent, experienced-based legal counsel. To provide our clients with the best-possible legal representation, we will provide services such as:

  • Evaluate your claim: we’ll examine your claim from every angle. We will look for its merits as well as its challenges. Then, we can discuss our findings with you in detail so you can decide how to proceed.

  • File court documents: court filings must be completed with accuracy. We’ll ensure that all forms are filed properly and contain accurate information.

  • Attend appointments: we will attend court proceedings, hearings, negotiation sessions, and other appointments punctually.

  • Manage paperwork: our firm will manage all the paperwork related to your case. This way, all evidence and important documents are included in one protected and convenient place.

  • Provide outstanding communication: our firm believes in providing clients with timely information. When you call with questions or concerns, we’ll address them promptly.

  • Talk to insurance companies: let us talk to insurers about your claim. You could say or do the wrong thing—something that harms your case. We have experience communicating with these parties on our clients’ behalf.

  • Communicate with defendant’s attorneys: we’ll meet and communicate with the at-fault party’s attorneys.

  • Talk to witnesses: witness accounts can be immensely important to a case. We’ll talk to witnesses and procure their statements.

  • Provide investigative services: Attorney Jerome O. Fjeld and his team often investigate claims to bolster them with added support and evidence. We may visit the scene of the accident to take photos of the site or of the vehicles that are involved in the crash. We may seek out video footage if it exists.

  • Speak with medical experts: we often require testimony from medical experts. They can discuss clients’ injuries in detail and provide an accurate estimate of the victim’s future medical needs—and their likely costs.

  • Hire other professionals to help with the case: we may require the help of an accident reconstructionist for some types of motor vehicle collisions, particularly those that may involved multiple vehicles. We may also procure the services of an accountant or actuary to help estimate the cost of future lost earnings and medical expenses associated with the plaintiff’s injuries.

  • Provide legal advice: our clients depend on us to provide them with our honest legal opinion—and that’s what we offer in every instance.

  • Negotiate or litigate the matter: Attorney Jerome O. Fjeld is a skilled negotiator and litigator. He will diligently represent your interests, working hard to achieve your legal goals.

Our firm will provide these services and more—at no charge unless we’re able to win a compensation award or settlement package. If you have a personal injury matter, we can help.

Let Attorney Jerome O. Fjeld Evaluate Your Claim

Often, clients aren’t aware if they have a strong claim. The legal process surrounding these matters can be complex. It’s wise to allow an experienced attorney like Jerome O. Fjeld examine your case for every particular. He will take a detailed view of your claim so he can provide you with his opinion of the matter. We’ll take time to address you claims and concerns. Without having a complete understanding of the matter from a legal vantage point, it can be difficult to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

We will provide our legal advice throughout the process if you choose to proceed. Naturally, if an insurance provider or defendant offers a settlement, we will carefully review it to ensure that you’re being offered a fair sum for what you’ve endured. It’s always the client’s prerogative to accept or decline a settlement offer, but it’s important to do so with sound legal counsel guiding your decisions.

Proving Negligence or Fault

In order to achieve compensation, we invariably have to provide that a defendant:

  • Owed a breach of duty to the victim

  • The defendant breached their duty

  • The breach resulted in the injuries the victim sustained

  • The victim suffered damages in association with their injuries

These tenets are associated with all personal injury matters. If we are able to prove these elements, we can achieve justice for our clients, helping them win compensation for what they’ve endured because of another’s fault.


Many—even most—personal injury cases are resolved by negotiation. Attorney Fjeld nearly two decades of experience negotiating personal injury settlements for cases that involve car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and wrongful death. He knows personal injury law inside and out. His knowledge and experience can serve clients in their quest for justice. Many defendants whose liability is clear are anxious to achieve a settlement. They want to possibly avoid a more costly compensation award at trial and to save on litigation costs. In such cases, it is often possible to achieve a lucrative settlement that is acceptable to clients. If negotiation fails, the process can be escalated to litigation.

Litigating a Personal Injury Claim

Attorney Fjeld is a tenacious litigator. He will work diligently to represent his clients interests before a judge or jury. During his tenure as a Houston personal injury attorney, he’s been able to achieve lucrative compensation awards for clients.

Compensation for Personal Injury Claims in Texas

Texas personal injury victims can claim economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include quantitative costs associated with the injuries the victim has sustained. These expenses may include:

  • Medical costs (past and future)

  • Lost work wages (past and future)

  • Lost bonuses

  • Lost sales

  • Lost pension

  • Funeral expenses and more

Medical costs include a wide array of expenses that often involve surgeries, doctor visits, tests, home nursing, rehabilitation center stays, hospital stays, emergency room costs, counseling, medical equipment, medication, and physical therapy. For complex cases, we may consult medical experts who can discuss the nature of the client’s injuries and the likely care they will need in the future. We may also wish to procure the services of an actuary to help calculate the lost wages and benefits associated with an individual’s claim.

Non-economic damages are the pain and suffering that victims experience after their accident. This pain may be both physical and emotional in nature. Contrary to popular belief, this amount isn’t quite so arbitrary as some people might have you believe. When considering this amount, we might ask a client: how much would you charge to endure this type of accident now that you understand what it entails? Of course, this type of question is inappropriate in some types of cases, but we do need to arrive at a fair sum to request for pain and suffering. And we know full well how much our clients suffer as a result of their injuries. They didn’t ask to be harmed. They were unwittingly hurt by another and they deserve compensation for the pain and suffering they were forced to experience.

Types of Injuries

There are many types of accidents that cause horrific accidents. In Texas, accidents like car collisions and slip and fall accidents may include:

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Concussion

  • Organ damage

  • Internal bleeding

  • Broken bones and fractures

  • Spinal injuries

  • Disfigurement

  • Amputation

  • Road rash

  • Cuts and lacerations

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

If you are involved in any type of accident, you should immediately seek medical care. Without treatment, serious injuries can lead to death. Sometimes, victims of accidents don’t realize the extent of their injuries. They may not realize they have a neck fracture or spinal injury. They may have no clue they’re suffering from a concussion or internal bleeding. It’s important to head to a hospital emergency room or urgent care center to get treatment.

When you visit a medical center, staff will document your injuries and care. This document, part of your medical record, is going to be evidence should you decide to pursue a claim. Keep all medical records—all receipts for medical supplies like equipment and medication.

Also, it’s a good idea to call police to the scene of a serious accident so they can produce an accident report. This report may be vital evidence in support of your claim.

Contact Attorney Fjeld and his associates if you need a Houston personal injury attorney. He and his team have the skills needed to pursue your case. Call to schedule your initial consultation, and remember, we will not charge you our legal fees unless we’re able to win your case.

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