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The State of Texas is one of the states in which the American Automobile Association AAA or AAA Texas Auto Insurance Claims is licensed to provide automobile and other insurance services. If you have been injured in an auto accident and the responsible party holds AAA Texas don’t try to fight the insurance company alone. Call our firm today if you need assistance!

AAA Texas is a large company and you can find out more by reading our information page regarding AAA claims in the state of Texas but if you have been injured and are making a claim against a driver with an auto insurance policy from AAA Texas its best to hire an attorney. AAA Texas has had numerous complaints with the Better Business Bureau and currently has an F BBB rating.

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AAA Texas Claims Number

If you would like to file an auto claim with AAA Texas, call the AAA insurance toll-free phone number to file a claim 1-800-672-5246. The number used to report a claim can be used to check the status of your AAA Texas claim and for road service. Alternatively, you can get help by using the American Automobile Association AAA mobile app here.

Dealing with an insurance company in the State of Texas may be challenging at times. In this case, AAA Texas is really not the typical insurance company and is classified as an auto club under the Texas Transportation Code. You may not be in a position to do that in time based on your current circumstances. Additionally, the insurance company may use it as an opportunity to delay or deny your claim if you choose to pursue it on your own. But don’t worry, we have an injury lawyer ready to file the AAA Texas claim for you at a no-out-of-pocket expense.

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Brief History of AAA Texas Insurance

Currently AAA Texas LLC (AAA Texas) is a member club affiliated with the American Automobile Association (AAA) national federation and serves members in the state of Texas (with the exception of Texarkana). Auto Club Exchange or American Automobile Association (AAA) was orginally incorporated on October 4th, 1912, to provide insurance to the members of the Auto Club of Southern California (ACSC). The ACSC, founded in 1900 in Los Angeles, was one of the first motor clubs dedicated to improving roads, the proposal of traffic laws, and improving overall driving conditions. It is currently the single most prominent member of the American Automobile Association (AAA), with AAA Texas as its subsidiary.

Over the years, Auto Club Exchange or American Automobile Association (AAA) grew to provide services to members of Auto Club of Southern California and its affiliates and subsidiaries like AAA Texas and other members of other non-affiliated American Automobile Association AAA clubs. The AAA Texas exchange club operated in the State of Texas is one of the largest of all the American Automobile Association (AAA) clubs in the United States and Canada with 15 million members.

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AAA Texas Agreements

Better provision of services over the years has necessitated administrative and affiliate agreements with other insurance companies. The most notable ones include the following:

AAA Insurance Administration Service Agreement

In 2000, the Auto Club Exchange aka American Automobile Association AAA or Auto Club County Mutual Insurance Company entered into separate administration service agreements with the following companies, which are currently its subsidiaries:

  • Auto Club Indemnity Company
  • Auto Club Casualty Company

Both these companies operate in the State of Texas. Consequently, the American Automobile Association (AAA) provides administrative services to these insurance providers.                                            

Affiliation Agreements of AAA Insurance

The most notable affiliation agreement was one made in 2006 among the following companies:

  • Auto Club Exchange
  • Auto Club of Southern California
  • Auto Club Enterprises Insurance Group
  • Automobile Club of Missouri
  • Automobile Club Inter-Insurance Exchange
  • Auto Club Family Insurance Company
  • ACSC Management Services
  • Club Exchange Corporation

Part of the agreement resulted in an inter-company pooling agreement between Auto Club Exchange, Auto Club Family Insurance Company, and Automobile Club Inter-Insurance Exchange.

You can also purchase auto or home insurance from this provider if you live in California, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, or Pennsylvania. If you have been searching for details about American Automobile Association AAA, here is everything you need to know. Call our firm today!

AAA Insurance Growth Through Acquisitions

Besides organic growth, the American Automobile Association (AAA) exchange has also grown through acquisitions. Although there have been several over the years, the latest was Motor Club Insurance Company’s acquisition in 2017. The Motor Club Insurance Company is domiciled on Rhode Island.

Financial Standing of AAA Insurance and AAA texas

As a policyholder, your biggest concern is often whether the company is financially strong enough to pay out your claim. You will definitely be pleased to know that the American Automobile Association (AAA) / Auto Club Exchange is financially stable and can comfortably meet its financial obligations to its customers. It has been rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best.

The company also has strong financial backing. Both the inter-company pooling agreement and the backing of ACSC mean you are in safe hands.  Auto Exchange is not a publicly-traded company and therefore has no market cap, and neither does ACSC.


Other Insurance Claims Information For Other Car Insurance Companies

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American Automobile Association AAA enjoys significant popularity like its parent company, Auto Club of Southern California. It has enjoyed significant growth over the years to become one of the biggest providers with excellent financial stability and thus has the ability to pay out claims. It is one of the top auto insurers in Texas. You can file your claim at 1-800-672-5246 or let our Houston auto accident lawyer take care of it for you.

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