How To Find The Best Truck Accident Lawyer In Houston

Surely you didn’t expect to get into a truck accident in Houston, but sometimes there is no way that one can avoid it in the first place. It’s a busy city with a high volume of 18-wheelers that are on the highways day and night. However, with the right Houston truck accident law firm working on your case, life can get a little easier where you can focus on getting better.

How To Find The Best Truck Accident Lawyer In Houston

Here are 10 questions to answer which will lead you to find the best truck accident lawyers for your case.

1.      Are they an active member of reputable legal organizations?

Look for truck accident lawyers with membership in local, state, and national groups of trial lawyers. Those who want to remain at the top of their game will network with other experienced attorneys who practice personal injury law. If the truck accident attorney that you’re considering is a member of multiple organizations at all levels, there’s a good chance they’re committed to what they do.

Some examples of reputable trial lawyer groups include, but are not to be limited to American Association of Justice, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Houston Trial Lawyers Association, Texas State Bar Association, and Texas Trial Lawyers Association.

2.      Being professional is key, how are you treated by their law firm?

From the time you get on the phone to call their law office for the first time as well as throughout your experience with them, evaluate them. Look at how they conduct themselves and the way that they do things. Do they act professionally and are they friendly?

When you enlist the help of a lawyer, you want to make sure their team will be professional while seeing to it that your best interests are at heart. This is one piece that you truly cannot afford to leave out when trying to find the best truck driver accident lawyer in Houston.

3.      Can they obtain experts that relate to your truck accident?

Sometimes there comes a need when experts need to be brought in so that things can be analyzed and laid out throughout the case. It has been known to be something that can make or break a case, so is this something that the prospective attorney is capable of?

When it comes to truck accident cases, they must be a subject-matter expert in truck accidents and the other aspects of your case. If the case goes to trial, they will be called upon to testify and bring credibility to the table when things might not be fully clear to others.

4.      Do they have experience when it comes to personal injury law?

You don’t want a truck accident injury lawyer that is so spread out that they don’t do the most when it comes to refining their experience when it comes to this type of law. You want someone who has proven themselves as a truck accident lawyer and that has years under their belt doing it.

5.      Exactly how do they stand out from other truck accident lawyers?

You don’t want “average” results, so why settle with an “average” attorney who blends in with the rest of the personal injury lawyers out there? Look for dedication, a passionate attitude, and other distinguishing factors when meeting with them. The best lawyers know what it takes to push the bar high and set themselves apart from the rest of the law firms out there.

How To Find The Best Truck Accident Lawyer In Houston | Jerome Fjeld, PLLC

6.      How much have their settlements and verdicts been worth?

Accidents with large trucks can have the potential to cause a lot more damage than other types of vehicles as well as lead to serious injuries. With this comes lost wages, medical bills, and other types of expenses which all add up. If your truck accident case justifies a high value, will the attorney that you hire be capable of delivering?

One of the best ways to find this out is to see if they’re an active member of a legal organization that’s called the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. It is one of the most respected groups of trial lawyers in the United States. To be a member, an attorney must have won settlements or verdicts valued at one million dollars or more.

There is also a Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum for attorneys who have won settlements or verdicts valued at two million dollars or more. Verifying membership in these organizations is one of the best ways to see if they’re capable of handling high-value truck accident cases.

7.      How much will you be charged and when do you have to pay?

This should be outlined in what’s called a fee agreement as well as discussed during the initial consultation you have with the prospective truck accident lawyer. Truck accident cases are usually taken on what’s called a contingency agreement.

What this arrangement means is that you only pay for results, so you won’t be charged until a settlement or verdict in your favor occurs. As far as the rate, it’s usually a set percentage of what is being paid out for the lawsuit or truck accident settlement.

You’ll want to pay attention to see whether the lawyer that you’re considering is straightforward about their fees and payment agreement. If they try to shy away from the topic, it might be safer to evaluate any other options you have available to you.

8.      Is the initial consultation free or will they try to charge you for it?

While many other types of lawyers that don’t focus on personal injury will usually charge a fee for consultations, truck accident lawyers usually don’t. They treat it for what it is, a chance to meet you and learn more about your case. If they feel that you could benefit from retaining them, this is when they will let you know. They will also let you know how to best proceed.

How To Find The Best Truck Accident Lawyer In Houston

9.      What do others have to say about their experience with the lawyer?

Thankfully, this is a lot easier now that the internet plays a major role in today’s world. You can find reviews for lawyers on Avvo, Facebook, and Google. Take the time to go through them and see what others have to say about the truck accident attorney that you’re considering. The experiences others have had will tell you what can be expected if you decide to hire them.

10. Will they take your case to trial should it become necessary?

This might be last on this list of steps to finding the best truck driver accident lawyer in Houston, but it’s not the least important. It’s one of the most important aspects that you should be looking at when looking at hiring a personal injury law firm.

It’s no secret that some lawyers have been known to push their clients to settle instead of having to endure the courtroom. They might not even see the inside of a courtroom much at all if they even do. This is something you want to avoid as insurance companies know how to sniff out these types of lawyers and offer a settlement that isn’t close to what your case is worth, so make sure you don’t end up having to face this kind of situation beforehand.

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