How much money can you get from a dog bite lawsuit?

Before we dig up the amount of money that can be expected when you win a dog bite lawsuit, it’s important to keep in mind that since 2003 cases involving dog bites saw a 67% increase in their value.

This means that what a person may have been awarded for a dog bite in previous years could be a lot less than the current value due to changes in the cost of medical care on top of a wide array of other factors used when coming up with a number that is deemed to provide fair compensation.

Now that you know why the amount of compensation can vary from year to year, it’s time to start digging into the specifics of what goes in to determine how much money you can get from a dog bite lawsuit. While the issue of getting attacked by a dog may seem to be something that doesn’t happen very often, the fact that there were well over 18,000 insurance claims being filed that were the result of dog bites proves otherwise.

How much money can you get from a dog bite lawsuit?
How much money can you get from a dog bite lawsuit? 2

How much money can you get from a dog bite lawsuit?

There are a number of factors that go into play when it comes to deciding how much a dog bite is worth when it’s taken to court. In 2019 alone, dog bite lawsuits saw average compensation at around $44,000 which is the result of a steady increase over the years.

Below, you’ll see some of the types of compensation that you could be eligible for should you become the victim of a dog bite. Keep in mind that bites aren’t the only thing that dog owners could be liable for, as a dog that jumps on you and knocks you down could also lead to compensable injuries.

Emotional Distress & Physical Pain

Any kind of accident where you’re injured comes with the possibility that you will experience pain before and after the time that it happens, as well as be susceptible to the mental anguish that could linger on for quite some time. While this is one of the most difficult parts of a dog bite lawsuit to put a number on, it can still provide you with compensation for any emotional distress or pain caused by the attack.

This can also ensure that any treatment due to the emotional distress is covered as well as the actual medical treatment that was received in order to put you on the road to recover from your dog bite.

Lost Wages

Any time that someone is bitten by a dog, it’s common that there will be work that’s missed out on in order to recover from the incident. When this happens, you should be compensated for this time taken off work to ensure that it doesn’t create an unnecessary hardship. Even if you’re not employed, you could still be entitled to some form of compensation if the dog bite prevents you from being able to find employment.

Property Damage

In most cases, this will only cover the victim’s clothing that was damaged during the attack, but if they were riding on a bicycle or in a vehicle and it becomes damaged as a result of the attack, this can be counted as property damage. Any property damage that was a direct result of the dog attack can be compensated for, whether reaching a settlement or taking the case to trial.

Medical Expenses

This is one of the most costly aspects of being bitten by a dog, and when you have to pay for the medical treatment needed in order to embrace a successful recovery, it shouldn’t be something that you’re responsible for financially. This is why medical expenses (that you incur in the future and pay for prior to seeking compensation from the dog owner) are one of the main parts of a dog bite lawsuit.

Most dog bite victims will only see their medical bills reach below $50,000, but it isn’t impossible for more serious dog bites to cost one over $100,000. When you’re determining what compensation is proper for your dog bite, make sure your medical expenses are accounted for.

Don’t be left on your own after a dog bite, make sure you have someone in your corner.

Having an attorney who is experienced with dog attacks is critical to making sure that you get the compensation that you deserve. If an insurance company comes into play in terms of providing compensation, things can become a little more complex and there is a chance that they will try to get you to settle for a much lesser amount than you’re entitled to.

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