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Finding an experienced Houston Immigration Lawyer can be invaluable and mean the difference between living the American dream or living in the shadows. It can also mean the difference between economic success and achievement or poverty. Immigration is important to the United States and Houston Texas is a great example of immigration at work as it is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. Our Houston TX law firm works with one of the best immigration lawyers in Houston. When our clients ask for immigration advice or need immigration services we immediately refer them to board-certified immigration attorney Tina Roberts.

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Immigration Law is our lawyer’s specialty

Immigration Services offered in Houston, TX

Tina Roberts is an attorney with almost 20 years of experience and of all the immigration lawyers in Houston TX, her immigration law group is the only one our personal injury law firm would trust to handle complex and changing immigration laws. United States immigration and nationality laws and issues can be complex and Attorney Roberts has handled almost every type of immigration issue from asylum cases, work visas, adjusting status, green cards, permanent residency, K-1 visas and other types of immigration visas and passports.

Our recommended attorney has assisted thousands of immigration clients to work on cases with and against United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. If you or a family member or loved one has the dream of becoming a U.S. Citizen our immigration attorney can help and provide the legal services you deserve.

Family-Based Immigration in Houston, TX

Our highly recommended attorney can assist immigrant family members of U.S. citizens to become permanent residents and obtain their green card. If your loved ones have questions about the immigration law process on becoming a permanent resident our top-rated lawyer is standing by. The immigration services and the application process to citizenship can be done as expediently as the process allows.

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Immigration Form regarding permanent residency

Employment-based Immigration in Houston, TX

Ms. Roberts has worked with many employers regarding business immigration and the application process to immigrate and obtained skilled workers for job shortages. She has helped businesses bring skilled and talented workers from around the world on work visas to Houston and other parts of the United States. If you need legal advice regarding employment immigration or business immigration compliance call the Roberts Law Firm PLLC.

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In Houston, there are a lot of law groups and attorneys who do not focus on the ever-changing and complex immigration law issues and are not really experienced or knowledgeable in immigration law. Ms. Roberts only practice areas are immigration law and only immigration law. As an experienced Houston Immigration Attorney with almost 20 years of immigration experience, her law firm has excelled in guiding immigrants on the pathway to their green card, work visa, and U.S. Citizenship.

If your immigration status is important to you don’t you think you should have one of the best immigration attorneys in Houston. If someone you know has been picked up or detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE you should call our Houston Immigration Firm Immediately. Our law firm can 100 percent recommend her services over the services of other lawyers in Houston because we have seen the success she has had with our personal injury clients.

U.S. Visa Application
U.S. Visa Application

Free consultations with immigration lawyers in Houston, TX

Initially, Ms. Roberts offered a free consultation but because of her success and popularity with family members of past immigration clients, it was overwhelming. But you should ask yourself is a lawyer who offers a free consultation really worth it? Sometimes the free consultation isn’t even with an attorney and not worth your time and the free consultation is just to get you in the door. If your consultation is not with an attorney – walk out!

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If you want a Houston car accident lawyer call us but if you would like a consultation regarding any immigration problem or issue in Houston, TX we highly recommend that you call the Roberts Law Firm PLLC directly 713-278-2100 or [email protected].

As a Houston personal injury lawyer who has been in law for over 20 years we only recommend and work with attorneys that we believe are the best lawyers for our clients. If you need information regarding one of the best Houston DWI Lawyer or who we think are some of the best Houston divorce lawyers contact us and we will be happy to share our recommendations with you.

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