Famous Dog Attack Cases

You may or may not have tried to look up famous dog bite cases and settlements in the United States, but either way, just know that the results are full of a bunch of self-promotion attempts by other law firms. Instead of the facts about some of the most popular dog bite cases seen today.

Today is when I put a stop to that and provide you with a dog bite attorney’s selection of the most notable cases seen among courtrooms and negotiation tables to date. Here you go!

1.      A Record-Setting Dog Bite Settlement in Illinois = $1.1 Million

Chicago, Illinois, United States – Originally Reported @ NBC Chicago

$1.125 million was awarded to then-17-year-old Jordyn Bankston for a dog bite attack that happened when Kong, a bull mastiff weighing in at 120 pounds, gripped him in its jaws after escaping the fenced enclosure that it was in before the incident.

The Result = After 2 years, $1.125M is due to Jordyn Bankston for ongoing trauma and injuries from this dog attack case that is the first of its kind, and the first dog bite settlement that has ever made it to this level of value in the State of Illinois at the time that it got settled.

2.      Case Photos Helped Secure $100,000 in a Hartford Dog Bite Settlement

Hartford, Connecticut, United States – Originally Reported @ Property Casualty 360

We often hear of the power cell phones have when documenting life’s events and even our legal events, such as with dog attacks. Not too often do we get to see the power boost as it happens, but this is one case that will serve as a lesson for many generations to come.

A mother documented the state of her daughter’s dog bite injuries thoroughly from the time that it occurred and beyond. When she presented these photos as her proof of the injuries, that’s all that needed to be seen before the other side willfully came to a $100,000 settlement just about instantly upon seeing the extent of the little girl’s dog bite injuries.

The Result = $100,000 handed over to the mother in a settlement as soon as the pictures were shown to document the injuries, as well as other relevant legal documentation that was in hand.

Famous Dog Bite Cases | Jerome Fjeld, PLLC in Houston, TXDog Bite Cases | Jerome Fjeld, PLLC

3.      $72 Million Awarded by Jurors for a Pit Bull Attack in DeKalb

Decatur, Georgia, United States – Originally Reported @ 11 Alive.

At 8 years old, her left arm had to be amputated while she had limited mobility in her right arm, something that resulted from a dog bite attack while she was at home playing basketball.

The lawsuit was filed after the defendant, Twyann Vaughn, served a total of 16 months in a local jail for violating Georgia’s Vicious Dog Act. Recovery is expected to be through the garnishment of wages anytime that a job is obtained by Twyann.

The Result = $72M awarded in a jury’s verdict for a DeKalb dog attack, leading to options such as wage garnishment to recover the compensation due to the victim. In court, the judge had to reduce the award to the max allowed by law for dog bite attacks. A powerful message indeed.

4.      Family of 8-Year Dog Bite Victim Sues Bakersfield City School District

Bakersfield, California, United States – Originally Reported @ Bakersfield Now

Following a dog biting an 8-year-old girl at Wayside Elementary school, an animal attack lawsuit has been filed on the behalf of the family. Named in the lawsuit is the Bakersfield City School District. The reason for holding them liable is that the dogs were brought by a guest reader that was invited to the class on behalf of the school

The Result = To Be Continued, Case Remains Ongoing at the Time of Writing This

5.      The Mayor of Bridgeport, CN Files a Dog Bite Case Against Delta Airlines

Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States – Originally Reported @ ABC News

Despite Delta’s boarding requirements for dogs (immunization record with up-to-date shots and training proof for the dog), a legal battle has surfaced from a dog bite received while on one of their planes. Mayor Joe Ganim is the victim of this case that has gained a lot of media attention.

He has experienced permanent and painful injuries from this Bridgeport mayor’s dog attack. It has been claimed that Delta was liable for the dog bit due to willfully allowing a dog to wander around on board at their own will, without the presence of a muzzle.

The Result = To Be Determined, Case Is Still Ongoing at The Time of Writing This

Famous Dog Bite Cases

6.      Dallas Cowboys Star Running Back, Ezekiel Elliot Gets Sued in a Dog Bite Case

Frisco, Texas, United States – Originally Reported @ NBC Sports (Pro Football Talk)

The second pool cleaner to have an issue with a dog attack when cleaning the pool of Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliot. This time, 3 dogs allegedly attacked the female pool cleaner resulting in serious damage to her arm that requires surgery and permanent scarring. On top of the emotional and physical pain that came with the dog bite attack.

Ezekiel Elliot continues to stand firm when maintaining his position as not being liable for the dog bite that happened on his property that day.

The Result = To Be Continued, Case Remains Active at The Time This Was Written

7.      $650,000 Awarded in a Police K-9 Dog Bite Case

Originally Reported @ KROC News

The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office is the recent source of a dog bite dispute arising when they were chasing another person. A K9 from their department bit Michael Stiff instead of pursuing after the initial suspect, making Michael unrelated to the developing situation that he was now a part of due to the animal attack.

We see it becoming a lot more common for police dogs to be involved in dog bite lawsuits and other types of investigations. After a mediation session, both parties decided to formally agree to the outcome of this dog bite case with a law enforcement agency.

The Result = $650,000 was how much Michael Stiff and his legal team were paid out for the dog bite, based on the grounds of negligence, and filed against the Olmstead County Sheriff’s Office.

8. Last but not least our Houston personal injury lawyer wins $1.9 million from Harris County Jury

Several years ago in Harris County a client was referred to our personal injury law firm from a Houston DWI Lawyer who was smart enough to stay in his area of expertise which is criminal law and DWI. The client was getting her car worked on at a muffler shop that used a pit bull as a security dog. While the pitbull was chained and no contact was made the dog viciously lunged at our client causing her to fall over a lift and break her wrist. Our Houston personal injury lawyer was able to secure a $1.9 million dollar verdict after trial.

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