This is a public service announcement for lawyers and other small businesses who have used or have been marketed by the HACK Jay Rathman Clickvantage local SEO at The local SEO company will do nothing but overcharge you for a horrible website and waste your money on their local seo services. I am a personal injury lawyer who was too busy to educate myself and check their work or lack thereof and wasted a bunch of money on Clickvantage “services” or really lack thereof.

Did you get a call or an email with a fancy video about how bad your current website was and what they could do for you? Did you get a call from a slick salesman who said he had meetings with your competitors who were very interested later in the day so you should make a decision? Oh lord, I fell for it too so don’t feel too bad. This is why this company has no long-term customers that are law firms. They cycle through customers making as much money as they can until people get smart enough to realize they are throwing their money away on clickvantage’s services or again – lack thereof. The profit margins for this company must be in the 90-95 percent range as they put nothing towards the fulfillment of work on my website.

Clickvantage and Jay Rathman market themselves on their webpage as:

Clickvantage Local SEO

“We are a full-service digital marketing agency. Our primary focus is on local SEO campaigns for local businesses. This includes not just brick-and-mortar businesses, but local SEO for law firms, medical clinics, contractors, and more.

With our laser focus on local SEO services, we are not just experts in creating campaigns that drive organic search traffic to your website, but also in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).”

Later, on their landing page they market themselves as follows:

Website Conversion Optimization by Clickvantage and Jay Rathman

“We are a full-service digital marketing agency. Our primary focus is on local SEO campaigns for local businesses. This includes not just brick-and-mortar businesses, but local SEO for law firms, medical clinics, contractors, and more.

With our laser focus on local SEO services, we are not just experts in creating campaigns that drive organic search traffic to your website, but also in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).”

Clickvantage Clickvantage |
Clickvantage is horrible.. even their website sucks!

Clickvantage and Jay ratham are LAZY

Did you catch that? Did you see that on their own homepage they are so lazy that they just cut and paste the same content? What do you think they do on their customer’s websites? Well, probably nothing! I asked Jay Rathman for an itemization of work done on my site and for the SEO services I paid Clickvantage and Jay Rathman and he told me it was something that is not provided…. so… if you want to see where your money went to ….. you’re better off throwing it down the toilet.

Clickvantage can’t do SEO for law firms

The legal industry is one of the most, if not the most, competitive industries for SEO. As of March 24, 2021, Clickvantage had two google reviews and this is the company that is going to help you with your GMB and Google SEO?

Clickvantage Seo Clickvantage Seo |
Clickvantage had two reviews and now has one because they had the bad review removed

The Clickvantage website is not optimized and is horrible. It’s cookie cutter and the backlink profile and domain authority is weak. This is the company that you waste money on so you can rank on google. Why would you waste money with them when they don’t even know how to do SEO for their own company?

Clickvantage customers and clients

I could easily contact all the Clickvantage customers because those are the only websites that this lazy company has backlinks from and warn them but hopefully they will be smart enough. I ran analytics and performance checks on a lot of the Clickvantage customer’s websites and they all failed. What a ton of money these law firms and businesses have spent on this local SEO company that can’t even rank itself. If I hear from this lard ass Jay Rathman again I will contact every customer Clickvantage has a backlink from and let them know what their money is getting spent on – NOTHING!

This page was published in 5 minutes which is more than these douchebags spent on my site and it was published on March 24, 2021 at 3:20 pm central time and let’s see if it can outrank this douchebag company.



Yesterday, April 7, 2021, I googled Clickvantage in incognito mode and this page already ranked on the first page of google at #7 position for the search term Clickvantage. It probably ranked faster but I forgot about the page and was curious if this page was ranking at all and was surprised that it already was on the first page of google. Let’s see how long it takes to outrank them on their brand.

If you have used or are considering using Clickvantage or any SEO or Local SEO agency, I strongly suggest that you ask for references and talk to references and actually see if they rank. There are a number of free or cheap tools to check on SEO agency’s work before you waste or continue to waste your money. One free tool I suggest is Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is a free tool and also has paid subscriptions which are very cheap. This is the easiest tool I have found if you don’t want to invest any time but want to keep your SEO agency honest.

This is the website overview for the clickvantage website:

Clickvantage Ubersuggest
Here is the Ubersuggest overview of the Clickvantage website.

As you can see, they have none or at least little to none monthly traffic. If a company is in business to get you organic monthly traffic from google shouldn’t they at least have organic traffic themselves? If you are reading this you can see that this page is ranking and there has been a total now of maybe 15 minutes of work put on it and it has no page authority.

There are a lot of agencies that prey off of business owners that are too busy to do their homework but if an SEO like Clickvantage and others have FOUND YOU because of a slick cold call shouldn’t the question be – Can you find them if you were searching for an SEO agency. If they promise to rank you for your business keywords and search terms shouldn’t they be getting business from their website.

Google also has several tools which are free to use but maybe a little harder for the busy local business owner who already has a full day of work. There are paid subscription services such as SEMrush that offer free accounts which provide basic tools. SEMrush is an SEO industry-standard and so is Moz. Moz has free tools available and I believe both SEMrush and Moz will provide complimentary walkthroughs if you are interested in a paid plan. If you are spending thousands of dollars on an SEO company it’s probably worth it to purchase a paid subscription.


A few weeks ago, in mid-April I believe, I was contacted by someone at Clickvantage stating he had bought the company from Jay Rathman. Despite Jay Rathman still being listed as the CEO on what looks to be a new Clickvantage Linked in page and being associated with Clickvantage on everything that I could find in the little research I did – I still heard him out. He sounded very sincere and was very upset about the 1-star review I left on google. After a period of a few weeks he had convinced me of his sincerity and that it was a totally different company that cared about it’s customers and didn’t engage in shady sales tactics or business practices.

On April 27, 2021, I told the person at clickvantage that I would remove my review and take this page down. Later that evening, when I went to remove the review, I saw that they had made some type of misrepresentation to Google to have my review removed and was totally blown away by how shady Clickvantage still is with their practices. Do you think this company is credible if they have to remove bad honest reviews from past customers?

After I saw that they removed my 1 star Google review which was totally appropriate and honest, I started to think that they have probably had many legitimate bad reviews removed throughout their years of bad business. The good news is that this page will serve as a warning because in Houston it is ranking in the number 2 spot on the google results page! Some day it will be number one on the SERP and I will feel that justice will be done and people will be educated before they do business or continue to do business with clickvantage local seo and jay rathman.


The comments made on this page were made by me personally and are all my personal opinions and personal observations based ON FACTS that I observed while be a customer of CLICKVANTAGE. This page is not for commercial purposes and the intent is only to educate business owners so they can make prudent educated business decisions about who they do business with regarding local SEO. GOOD LUCK!

August 21, 2021 Update on Clickvantage and its President Steven Pfeifer