Clickvantage is now First Place Legal Law Firm SEO

Oh boy, did you hear the news, CLICKVANTAGE is now First Place Legal Law firm SEO. Yes, you heard it right instead of putting in the work and trying to help their customers get value for the money they spent on Clickvantage, the SEO company changed it’s name to “First Place Legal”. As a personal injury lawyer in Houston that wasted time and money dealing with the Clickvantage Clowns and Jay Rathman, I can speak from personal experience that I used Clickvantage and totally wasted my money with them and now it seems that enough people must be chasing them down that they changed the name from Clickvantage to “First Place Legal”.

Stop the presses!!! Stop the presses the Clickvantage crew from Florida has BIG NEWS coming!

Exciting News from Clickvantage
Clickvantage has BIG NEWS! What could it be?

Wait what? There is no Big News… CLICKVANTAGE changed their name to “FIRST PLACE LEGAL”… SO WHAT …. SAME COMPANY DIFFERENT NAME!

thumb nail of video stating Clickvantage is now First Place Legal
Where is the press conference? The big news is that Clickvantage changed their name to First Place Legal? Who Cares?

What do we know about Clickvantage Law Firm SEO?

Well, I know from personal experience that Clickvantage can’t do law firm SEO and that, in my opinion, they probably have never given a client a real return on their investment. I know they told me they only provide “customized work” which is bullshit for “not much of anything”. I know that they have a lard-ass salesman Jay Rathman that spends all day on the phone making promises I think he knows he can’t keep. I know that because when I asked Clickvantage what exactly they did for the SEO on my website and the hard-earned money I spent …. well…. they couldn’t really tell me!

Did you get prospected or cold-called by Jay Rathman from Clickvantage or First Place Legal? Did Jay Rathman show you a video of everything he said was wrong with your website and how Clickvantage would fix it? Did you trust him and give him your hard-earned money? I did and Clickvantage made my website worse and it cost me time and money.


We also know that it’s difficult to say that First Place Legal can do SEO because they can’t do their own SEO! Has “First Place Legal” ever gotten any of their customers in “First Place” on google. Doubtful because you can just look at the non-existent traffic to First Place Legal’s website. Would you invest in an SEO company and pay them money to get customers from google if they can’t even get their own customers from google? BUYER BEWARE

Chart of First Place Legal Organic Traffic

What do we know about Clickvantage website design?

We know, in my opinion, Clickvantage and Jay Rathman’s website designs are total crap! The Clickvantage website is crap and if Clickvantage or First Place Legal SEO did your website you better check it out because you are probably paying for total crap! The website they made for me was total garbage and so is the Clickvantage website.

What’s up with “First Place Legal”? Are they really just Clickvantage rebranded as First Place Legal?

Well the answer is yes! Clickvantage is First Place Legal. I have to be honest, Clickvantage is a pretty cool name. Why would a company change its name? There are several reasons a company would want to change its name, but Clickvantage didn’t change it’s name until I wrote them an email after they had my negative Google review removed and questioned how many legitimate negative reviews they had removed over the years.

Can First Place Legal Design websites?

The answer is probably no! I can tell you from personal experience that both companies Clickvantage and First Place Legal can’t design any type of website worth anything. The websites that First Place Legal designs seem to be about a $300 dollar website. If someone is going to charge you money to design a website shouldn’t they have a website that is decent and just looking at First Place Legal’s website you can see it’s garbage. Clickvantage designed a website for me for $5,000 dollars which I wouldn’t be surprised if these a**holes probably made $4,700 of profit on.

Even though Clickvantage changed its name to First Place Legal I can honestly say that I have personal experience dealing with First Place Legal because one of the websites in their gallery was actually a website that these lazy douche bags recycled for my “made from scratch” website. How do I know that First Place Legal recycled one of their old customer’s websites for mine…. because they are so lazy that over 30 pages including attorney profiles from a California law firm’s website was on my site and that website is in their gallery.

first place legal gallery of websites
Clickvantage left over 30 pages and attorney profiles from the California Firm on the First Place Legal Gallery of websites they designed.

Busche and associates actually were another very unhappy customer of Clickvantage/First Place Legal. I learned that the law firm quickly fired them. It’s a small world, I actually had lunch with the named attorney there out of circumstance so it was really one of those “it’s a small world” feelings when all his information was on my website. LORD CLICKVANTAGE IS LAZY and First Place Legal has the same websites in their gallery that Clickvantage designed.

If you pay someone to do a website for you shouldn’t they have a good website? The First Place Legal website is ugly and is a huge failure for performance.

First Place Legal Lighthouse Report showing performance
Someone Tell First Place Legal that Performance is Important.

Analysis of First Place Legal’s current customers from their gallery:

I don’t know if the law firm of Wolff & Wolff in St. Louis is a current customer of First Place Legal but let’s do a quick analysis of their website that is in the First Place Legal gallery. You can go straight to the law firm’s website here.

Performance Grade for First Place Legal Website
Performance Grade for Law Firm Website Designed by First Place Legal

Surprisingly, the website didn’t fail so give First Place Legal a pat on the back but you don’t get to “First Place” of google with a D performance. I will do a more in-depth analysis of all of the websites on their gallery when I have time. I think it’s important for people, especially attorneys who have money but little time, to educate themselves on any product or service especially in the SEO business that is so competitive and seems so shady. Sometimes, even the term SEO is considered bad.

If you have used or are considering using First Place Legal or any SEO or Local SEO agency, I strongly suggest that you ask for references and talk to references directly and actually see if they are ranking on google. There are a number of free or cheap tools to check on SEO agency’s work before you waste or continue to waste your money. One free tool I suggest is Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is a free tool and also has paid subscriptions which are very cheap. This is the easiest tool I have found if you don’t want to invest any time but want to keep your SEO agency honest.

I started this page while I was waiting to pick up my kid and had a little time to kill. I will keep it updated. I started it last night and spent about 20 minutes on it and spent another 10 minutes today May 8, 2021 and hopefully, I have more time in the future to analyze the work of First Place Legal. This web page is my personal opinions based on my dealings and interaction with these douche bags. I am not trying to make money off of it and turned down $5,000 dollars from ClickVantage to remove the page. (In payment plans because they are such cheap broke bastards)

On May 8, 2021, I mentioned my kid and that I made this page while I was waiting to pick her up. My children are very important to me and that is why I did an update on Steven Pfeifer and Clickvantage or First Place Legal when I found out that a child porn site was used as a negative seo attack on my page reviewing my honest experience with these clowns.

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