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While Baytown has a lot of employment opportunities thanks to the oil and gas industry, it has become known for something that it probably prefers not to be known for: a high number of injuries among those who work at one of the plants and refineries in the Baytown area, usually due to an unintentional mishap.

When you have companies such as Chevron, Exxon Mobil, and HHHH, it tends to get serious around the neighborhood. If you consider both dominating types of employment in Baytown (construction and manufacturing), this accounts for over a third of Baytown’s citizens. Construction jobs tend to also perform work at refineries quite frequently. It is simply the way that it has always been in Baytown.

Many people look at it as an opportunity, considering that industry has brought the average wage for the city up to around $17.50 an hour. Start talking about the average pay for Baytown refinery workers and you will find it sitting nicely at around $75,000 annually. That breaks down to around $39 hourly if one works a 40-hour week, but even if not, it is still a lucrative opportunity that a lot of cities don’t have.

One that continues to serve as living proof that any amount of time off of work can lead to one’s doom so to speak, or at least a time where they find themselves in a boiling pot made up of increasing debt.

Here are some common everyday citizens that we help:

Baytown Plant Accident Attorney
Baytown Plant Accidents Can Be Dangerous

The Chemical Plants & Refineries That Fuel Baytown

To help better understand why there are so many manufacturing accidents and situations that unfold in this Texas community, it’s best to provide you with an inside look into the local business sector. Here are the key players when it comes to the Baytown oil and gas industry.

Baytown Technology & Engineering Complex – Owned by ExxonMobil

Since the 1920s, this plant has been home to some great innovation such as helping vehicles burn less gas and manufacturing the lithium-ion battery separator film. This complex is the largest integrated and most technologically advanced complex of its kind. While you will see fewer accidents at this location, there will always be the chance that one could occur.

Cedar Bayou Refinery in Baytown, Texas

On an obvious quest to be a leading supplier of PE (polyethylene), Chevron Phillips has been continuously investing in the expansion of the Cedar Bayou Refinery. Adding to its already-large employee base in Baytown, 600 jobs were made available thanks to the upgrade. This recent expansion occurred in 2017/2018 when they decided to install a world-class cracker to increase production rates of polyethylene so they could continue to fuel the growing demand globally.

Of course, this is just one of the many moments that Chevron Phillips has been able to contribute to the community that has accepted them with open arms over the years. It is no secret that Cedar Bayou Refinery in Baytown, TX might be a blessing, but it comes with risk.

In business, it has been said for many generations that without risk there comes no reward, and many of the times prove itself to be true right before one’s very eyes. When we talk about this Chevron Phillips refinery in Baytown, unfortunately, it is one that has affected many families.

What is being spoken of is their safety record over the tenure of their existence, ranging from incidents such as the release of air emissions to fatal accidents such as the one with a Chevron Phillips worker who died as they were transferred to Houston for further medical attention.

Covestro Industrial Park

A chemical plant that is also known as the Bayer Industrial Park and the Baytown Industrial Park.

Sitting at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico is Covestro’s largest plant within North America as well as Central America, and it is responsible for over 1,000 employees who keep things running. One of the biggest achievements this plant has had it doubling its capacity within 5 years (that started in 1996 and ended in 2001). All while sitting on top of what used to be a rice field.

Even though the plant reduced injuries among employees for 3 years straight (2014-2017), there are still signs of dangerous situations being caused directly by its operations. One of the most notable incidents took the life long-term employee, Salvador Barba who was 57 years old.

He was in part of the plant where they manufactured plastics for the automotive industry as well as for consumer goods (such as CDs and DVDs). It was a routine maintenance procedure that he had done before as a maintenance mechanic, one that would expose him to phenol.

Coworkers rushed to him in protective gear, and a life flight (medical helicopter) tried to get him to a Houston hospital in time. However, he was unable to survive during transport. This Baytown plant accident gained the attention of the feds as well, which spurred an in-depth investigation.

ExxonMobil Baytown Olefins Plant

As one of the largest ethylene plants in existence (yes around the world), this site has garnered some attention itself. While ExxonMobil as a company has had a lot of situations over the years to deal with on their own, Baytown is one of the communities where history stretches deep.

Starting with the EPA slamming them with a record-setting fine due to their violations of the Clean Air Act at the ExxonMobil Baytown Olefins Plant that was brought to light during a lengthy lawsuit filed by the Sierra Club. Ultimately leading this giant of the oil and gas industry to situations like the fire at the plant back in 2019 that had 66 people seeking out medical treatment for issues that did not threaten their life.

While ExxonMobil is a strong authority in the oil and gas industry as well as an integral part of the Baytown community, this only means so much. Any company, regardless of size, could make things seem impossible in your times of need such as if you experience a plant injury. They have the best attorneys they could find and are ready to protect their best interests at all costs.

It is important to note that during the research for previous cases, and this blog post for my law firm, it is quite clear that the ExxonMobil Baytown Olefins Plant has had the most legal issues among any of the other plants in Baytown. From employees that got hurt to repeatedly having violations associated with their pollution of the air and its effects on the community.

LyondellBasell – Houston Refining

While a lot of people may not have heard of LyondellBasell until now, especially if they are not from the Baytown area, this is still one of the key factors of the oil and gas industry. They stand firmly as the 3rd largest independent chemical company in the world today. Operating out of Baytown is one of the biggest refineries in the country to specialize in processing high-sulfur crude oil so that it can be turned into a consumer-ready product ready to be sold on the market.

They also employ over 1,3000 for their Baytown, Texas plant which makes them one of the leading employers of the community who is helping to drive the economy in a good direction. It is a plant that also has an extensive history, such as being owned by Sinclair in its early days and providing the Baytown economy with a great economical boost for many decades.  And it continues to do so, but with any refinery, the job comes a dangerous element that could require you to seek out the help of a personal injury lawyer to ensure it’s not a complete loss to you should you get injured on the job. Not to mention, make sure any limitations you have to deal with the rest of your life are taken into account when determining the amount of compensation due.

While we did cover some of the biggest plants (and employers) in Baytown, TX, there are still more such as OGC Baytown (a company of SGS North America, Inc.) Raven Chemical Plant, and TopSail Energy Baytown. I have seen my fair share of plant accidents that left my clients with injuries that had lasting effects, but I am not done fighting for the rights of accident victims, regardless of who they are.

The level of dedication that I have shown over 18 years of practicing as a Baytown plant injury attorney has led me to be one of the most reputed. You can check out my reviews for proof, I have received year after year.

Plant Death Attorney in Baytown

Negligence at the workforce is no excuse for a wrongful death. Jerome Fjeld has represented countless numbers of families who have lost a loved one in a plant accident. Let our team represent you and bring those who provided a significant other with unstable work conditions to justice. Our team will work tirelessly, so that your voice is heard, and so that real change can come about.

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About Baytown Plant Accidents:


Plant Accident Tip #1 – Take care of the matters at hand first.

This means helping others get the medical attention that they need during a plant explosion or fire, ensuring that you get the medical help you need, and documenting the accident as well as the effects that it had on you and those involved. Keep in mind, you will also want to notify the plant management known as soon as possible so that they do not have a chance to say that you failed to do so.

All of these steps will lead to having a stronger personal injury case than if you were to wait until it was too late to get this type of proof or pursue the damages that were caused. Once you have notified the plant management, ensured everything was handled appropriately and received treatment, it may be time to call a Baytown plant injury attorney to see what options there are when it comes to getting paid.

Plant Accident Tip #2 – Get organized and ensure you do not miss anything.

Know the names and numbers of those who witnessed the plant accident that led to injury, get pictures together if necessary, keep your medical bills and records in one place, make sure to track how much time you had to take off work due to the injury (or injuries), and illustrates its effect on life overall.

Staying organized, being able to produce strong pieces of evidence when needed, and knowing every aspect of the accident and the effects of it will ensure a positive outcome. Many people fail to do this and end up hurting. Don’t become another example like others before you already have, focus on the preparation of being the next success story in Baytown plant injuries.

Plant Accident Tip #3 – Also find past pay stubs and copies of your bills. It helps!

The purpose of this is to show that if you missed work, experienced financial troubles, and had other lifestyle impacts because of getting hurt in a plant accident, it can be properly accounted for. Whether it is done in a court or when a settlement offer is being put together between your lawyer and the plant.

Dollars and cents matter more now than ever before. It is about making sure that you only gain from the unfortunate event, and not in the sense of increased headaches and disappointment either.

Plant Accident Tip #4 – Know the traits of the best plant injury attorneys.

I know that you have been here for a minute reading by now, so I will keep things as short and sweet as I possibly can from here on out. When it comes to the signs of an attorney that has become a reputable and trusted partner in the field of law, it is straightforward.

It just boils down to what others say about their experience with the Baytown plant injury law firm, their activities with professional trial lawyer associations, and the ethics that they follow daily. All of which can usually be discovered via their website and verified via search as well as trusted media outlets.

Finally, make sure that they make you feel comfortable when you talk to them on the phone or visit them at their Baytown law office. You want to make sure the lawyer you choose to represent you for injuries results from a Baytown plant accident is one that you can work with and not second-guess it.

Plant Accident Tip #5Only go with the best Baytown plant injury attorney!

I might be a little bit biased, but many of my clients who have ensured a 5-star rating being maintained for multiple years say that it is true too. Over 18 years of representing Baytown plant injury victims has generated a lot of attention and industry recognition for my efforts. From being one of Houston’s top law firms repeatedly to being accepted as a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum alongside my membership to the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, there are no lengths I won’t go.

When I graduated from law school, I knew I wanted to do one thing. Represent my clients to the best of my abilities and hopefully be able to deliver life-changing outcomes. It is no doubt that I have done exactly that, as I have secured countless judgments and settlements for my clients that nets millions.

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