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It is no secret that Baytown, Texas has seen more than its fair share of industrial accidents over the years, and they recently had one rough time in 2019 alone. One of the most notable times is when there were 3 different fires within a single span of 1 month. Joined with accidents such as where over 37 people being hurt at an ExxonMobil refinery in Baytown and then another explosion in November.

On top of the plant explosions and fires, other industrial accidents tend to arise in the process as well creating the need for one to embrace the help of a proven Baytown industrial accident attorney who knows what it takes to build a winning case. Those who work in refineries know how dangerous things can get, and how common it is for maintenance to be forgotten or overlooked. To the point where Harris County even got fed up with the way that some things were being done and the effects of it.

It has been nearly 20 years since I got my first taste of practicing law, and I have continued to serve Baytown with the best legal services since that very day. Doing so has led me to great moments in my careers such as being recognized as a million-dollar lawyer and multi-million-dollar lawyer.

The bottom line is if you need someone willing to fight their hardest for you, look no further. If you want to know more about Baytown industrial accident lawsuits and settlements, I have just the right guide for you. It is sure to provide you with the insight you need to make things a lot simpler. Enjoy!

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Baytown’s Industrial Accident Track Record & What It Says About Things

When you take a moment to look at things for what they are, it’s nowhere near being a good thing when it comes to the industrial accidents that are seen in Baytown, Texas. It goes to show how deadly the industry is, and that there are no signs of improving anytime soon.

Sure, some of the accidents could not have been prevented, but this does not mean that there aren’t other accidents that could have. Whether it was implementing a safety procedure, going about things differently, or being more cautious with the situation at hand.

Common Baytown industrial accidents include, but are not limited to:

·         Back Injuries

·         Broken Bones

·         Chemical Burns

·         Falling from Catwalks/Ladders

·         Fatalities/Wrongful Death

·         Slips and Falls

·         Smoke/Toxic Fume Inhalation

Whether you live near the industrial parts of Baytown (which would expose one to air pollution) or you work at the plant itself, being proactive and knowing what to do should problems arise is essential.

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What One Must Know About Baytown Industrial Accident Lawsuits

The boost to the economy that Baytown’s industrial sector provides is great, and it has helped many families put food on the table for many years. However, this does not stop dangerous shortcuts from being taken or the fact it has proven to be a repetitive issue here locally over the years. Especially last year, and this year (2020) has notable industrial accidents as well with the first one back in January.

At the end of the day, these factories, plants, and warehouses are open by businesses. Businesses that are meant to generate profits, reduce financial liability as much as possible, and protect their reputation at all costs. Their approach is going to be one that protects their best interests over yours, no matter what they try to tell you. To put a stop to this and ensure justice is delivered to the rightful parties, the companies responsible for Baytown’s increasing number of industrial accidents must be required to pay.

As a leading Baytown industrial accident attorney who has won millions of dollars for clients in the 18 years that I have been practicing law, I can provide the case with the needed ingredients. I will make sure that proving damages and losses is clear-cut and that every aspect gets brought to light so that the company will be more apt to offer a fair settlement. And if not, the jury has what they need.

Now there are some documents that you will need which are listed below, and a detailed statement of the events that transpired is also helpful. If there were witnesses, their contact information (or at least any information you do have on them) will ensure that we get everything we needed quickly.

  • Any Time Lost from Work Needs to Be Documented
  • Contact Information of Your Medical Providers
  • Copies of Your Medical Bills & Medical Records
  • Expense Receipts for OTC Medications, Etc.
  • Your Previous Paycheck Stubs or Bank Statements Will Be Needed

Other information may be needed, but this is what you generally want to keep handy. Especially if you play on filing a lawsuit for a Baytown industrial accident.

Hiring the Right Baytown Industrial Accident Attorney

To make an already-trying time less stressful, here are 3 steps to finding the right lawyer for your PI case without overlooking the need for the best one for your needs.

  1. Do they provide reasonable payment terms and a free consultation? The great thing about personal injury law is that it is competitive and you must stay on your toes at all times. This has led the fee structure for many firms to operate on a contingency agreement.

Until funds are recovered, either via settlement or after winning at trial, you do not pay your lawyer one hot cent. Instead, you sign an agreement that the legal costs and a percentage (which is the compensation for your lawyer handling the case) are going to be deducted from any payouts that the case yields.

It is done that way at every law firm out there, it’s most of them that can operate in this manner. They must be able to have the assets/resources to be able to fund the case to trial. Plus, higher-risk cases may be charged upfront too.

  1. Reviews are powerful and can tell you the most! Think about it this way, their past experiences with clients will tell you a lot about how they conduct themselves. And it never fails that if they do the clients badly, that will shine even brighter!

With the World Wide Web being embraced in the lives of just about everyone these days, this could not be truer. Avvo, Facebook, and Google are 3 great examples of where clients can leave reviews on a third-party website to help others see what that specific law firm is like.

  1. You can easily see their level of commitment to law. Just by looking into how they went about getting their degree, the organizations that they belong to, and their professional presence.**In terms of professional presence, this includes legal causes they help with and their activities within the community they are as a firm/individual.If you see multiple memberships, donate their time to great legal causes, and are proactive when it comes to staying on top of the advancements of the legal world, it might just be that you have a winner on your hands. It shows they take the time to build themselves professionally and could deliver tremendous value to your case.

Care to chat? I just might be able to help. Let’s see!

Just give me or my team a call at (713) 572-6446 and we will book a time to sit down where we can evaluate the options that your case presents. And to give you a better idea of how we go about handling these types of lawsuits for Baytown industrial accidents. Don’t worry, this visit is in the house!

Frequently Asked Questions About Baytown Industrial Accidents

Here are the top questions at our firm about Baytown industrial accidents, backed with my answer as a top Baytown attorney.

Can I still sue my employer for pain and suffering?

As long as you have legal help during the process, it is possible that you can successfully sue your employer for pain and suffering as well as having them cover your medical costs and compensation provided to you for the reason of being permanently impaired from the industrial accident. It is a little bit more complex hence why you will need to seek out professional legal help.

How can I prove my injuries were caused by an industrial accident?

Usually, the medical records will tell it all, but also your account of the event, any pictures that were gathered, and witness testimony can all be used to link the accident to the injury. If you lack the needed documentation/proof, reach out to an industrial accident attorney to find out your options.

How much does a Baytown, Texas industrial accident lawyer cost?

They could charge a retainer and bill at an hourly rate, or as my law firm does, they could take a certain share of what is received from the case. Mostly the latter is the way that it is done these days.

What are the major causes of industrial accidents in Baytown, TX?

For the most part, it seems to be a lot more explosions and fires than anything which has led to burns and even deaths. Other types of industrial accidents are slips and falls as well as toxic fume inhalations, at least as far as the Baytown area is concerned.

What is the average payout for Baytown industrial accident lawsuits?

This depends on the case itself. Some cases have been for several thousand dollars while other lawsuits have yielded as much as a few million dollars. The severity of your injuries, how they have affected your life, and the expenses they helped incur will all play a part in determining case value. The best way to get a solid idea is to sit down and discuss your case with an experienced PI attorney.

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